Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Yoga Is Good

Eye Candy, 4/21
Went to yoga class last night and Joy asked if we wanted to work on anything.

Losing forty pounds this woman said. Joy measured her response and said that Yoga is good but...

The forty pound comment was a bit awkward. I remember reading an article about yoga etiquette and the person said to put your cell phone away even if it's off because you don't need the visual reminder of hectic things.

So much about yoga is appreciating where you're at and the health that allows you to practice. If nothing else, it's a leave your worries at the doorstep space and it was almost as if she invited the hectic thing into the room...

Drove to work but left my car when I went home for lunch. Continued listening to Ski, Poe, Spa and Towers as I walked.

In the ...Spa portion of that Moth podcast, the storyteller talks about going to a clothing-optional spa as an overweight person and how this lithe woman looked at her and she could tell that there was something that the lithe one hated about herself and she thought about all the time that she'd spent disliking her body but she ended up thinking about and being grateful for all of the things that her body had done.

Listening to that episode, which I really like, made me think about my favorite Moth episodes.

1). Korea, Colons, Pickups and Pranks

2). Gaggy's Blessing (with Krista Tippett)

3). Unidentified podcast about an older woman having a child that most people told her she should not have...

Told Alison how I could listen to the ...Colons section over and over again but Alison was pretty suspicious about a colon story being poignant and funny.

Monday, April 20, 2015

What You're Not Supposed To Do

Walk Eye Candy
Was on Twitter at 11:30-ish p.m. -- exactly what you're not supposed to be doing at that time.

Anyway, saw It's A Downward Dog Eat Downward World. Kind of funny. Kind of not. There are small incidences in my area and I know it wouldn't be funny if I had to deal with this kind of situation on a regular basis. Glad that I don't have to resort to "desperate pre-class moves." Although, the double workouts might not be such a bad thing...

As I walked home from work, listened to Ski, Poe, Spa and Towers. Didn't finish it but when the storyteller in "...Poe" talks about being recruited for caretaker and docent for The Edgar Allan Poe Cottage, it reminded me of my father who didn't really know what to think of poetry but loved to recite Annabel Lee. It also reminded me how my father liked Danny Boy. Funny what triggers memories...

I'm still tripping off of a CBS Sunday Morning segment about Kate Mulgrew. When I watched season one of Orange Is The New Black, her face had a certain familiarity but I had no idea that she was the Star Trek woman or that she's been acting for 40 years! Guess it was easy to get past my radar since I haven't watched much Star Trek. It was intense listening to Mulgrew talk about how she was urged to give up her baby for adoption then regretted the decision just days later.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

...Have To Look At You

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood and I bicycled the one less traveled. A little
Saturday (kind of) humor. Actually, I was quite taken with the dandelions and their yellow show.

Stumbled across The Moral Bucket List, an article that I found poetic...

On Friday wore my white\peach pants and a few people were surprised by my Wear More Color campaign. Also wore my white/blue tie-dye-ish shirt that I got from Marshalls for $10 bucks.

Got this other shirt from TJ Maxx and the 'Fugee said if she could dress me, this would be the type of blouse she'd always put me in.

The 'Fugee and I watched a kind of weird but definitely intense movie, Force Majeure, last night -- a bit too intense for a Friday.

Lately I've been watching a bit of Travel Bug on Netflix and also Layover, another Anthony Bourdain show. Someone on the Singapore section said that you should reserve one visit just to experience the cuisine.

New Yorkers gave tips to tourists on another segment and one woman had me cracking up. She advised people to dress up -- You might not care how you look but we have to look at you.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Never Too Much

Spent most of yesterday trying to work a wicked tweak out of my shoulder. Felt like a tight fist was lodged underneath my scapula. Kept thinking that I would pay someone to resolve the tightness in my shoulder but since there's no massage therapist hotline, I did arm circles, downward facing dog etc. Later on in the day, popped Cathe's Stretch Max into the DVD and that helped a lot.

Not sure if it was the stretching at the end of the day or the relatively quiet evening spent reading Everything I Never Told You and drinking green tea or a combination of both but I slept well and felt really rested this morning.

The pack rat a.k.a. me went through my iPod pictures because I remember snapping a photo of this little piece about downward facing dog and the amygdala. I have no clue where this article was published and can't find it via Google. I would love to read the whole thing in its entirety even though I don't need to but that's me. I should have been a researcher of something since I like to look up stuff and one reference is never enough for me...

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Humor Me

Walked into the locker room and the grandmother of the child who takes swimming lessons asked him, after he emerged from the bathroom, if he wanted to use soap then congratulated him on being a big boy after he rinsed his hands off with water...

When I walked over to lane one, one of the youth swim coaches said Give me 50 and when you're done, you'll be mad at me but I'll be gone. Swimming humor?

Wish that I could do 50 laps in one hour.

My mind was quite chatty tonight. Took 18 laps for things to quiet down which was funny because I'd read Spring Cleaning Your Life as I leaned on the bed after work.

3. Let go of your stories. If you need to get something off your chest, choose one person with whom to share your complaint or fear. Then, let it go. Don't continue to tell the negative stories over and over.
Speaking of stories, did anyone else get teary-eyed about this CEO's decision?

Sunday, April 12, 2015

That Feeling...

Was catching up with a former coworker when she said When I was hit by a bus...I stopped her and asked for clarification.

She told me that her accident made the news because she was hit and walked away but she also talked about how people made snide comments online about her having bumpers etc.

She also told me how she'd gained 40 pounds and I immediately thought that if you are hit by a bus, you can gain as much weight as you want but I could tell it was bothering her and I acknowledged her story about the pounds -- the weight loss dance, the lack of confidence, the feeling of dowdiness and the unintentional downsizing of one's wardrobe.

In addition to PT, my former coworker is also doing yoga but she's having a hard time getting into it and understanding verbiage like pulling in your lower ribs...

Saturday was sweet. Took my time getting up, cooked pancakes then headed to Zumba at 10:40-ish. We had a sub -- a newbie who was reserved in such a cute way. I understood half of what she said but her routines were good and I loved it when she wanted us to join in with some refrain and said Come on, help me out.

After class I thanked Alison again for my cool cacti gift that she had given me before we headed into Zumba. Try killing those she said.

Photo Credit: The Talented Mrs. Alison

Friday, April 10, 2015

Word Of The Day

Stopped by Rooster after work yesterday and got a veggie burger. After exiting saw a familiar face who could have been one of two people. Cocked my head and not sure if I stared but Lizzie stopped. Where do I know you from? she asked.

I know Lizzie from outdoor yoga and I immediately started thinking about restoration and Qigong.

Lizzie's aura is full of yummy energy and when I stepped into her energy field, I got an immediate buzz.

Love yummy energy. Is there a bumper sticker with that on it?

I've been doing retreat research and even thought about grabbing one of those Chicago Biggest Loser Resort Groupons. Expensive... If I were to go on a retreat, Omega and Kripalu would be high on my list though.

At any rate, found some interesting things in my research. Saw this article about 25 Minutes of Silence and would love* to try it out with a group of people. Would also love to participate in a day long retreat. Love the concept. Maybe I'll develop my own version.

Some other things that I loved today:

*Getting an email with this signature: Have a ridiculously amazing day.

*Reading Anne Lamott's "Everyone Is Screwed Up, Broken, Clingy and Scared"

2. Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.

9. Food: Try to do a little better.
The 'Fugee borrowed stamps from me and returned them today. I really like the stamps. I knew that you would  said the 'Fugee.

*Guess love is my word for the day.