Saturday, May 19, 2018

I Want...

Riverfront Trail
Picked up an ice coffee before I went to the 'Fugee's last night because, without the coffee, I doubt that I would have made it through Ice Mother.

During one scene in the movie, I was thinking it as the 'Fugee said it, You hardly see older people having sex in movies. Later on, the 'Fugee wondered what was going to happen with the story because it's a foreign film. Her speculation was correct because we were left at the end of the movie wanting more plot...

We also watched the Turkey episode of Bare Feet. I want to go to Turkey and stay in the Cappadocia Cave Suites.

Made plans to bicycle with Alison whose been itching to try out her new bike. Not sure what they make these "workhorse" bikes out of but my bike was no match. I had a hard time keeping up with Alison. Before, we used to ride side-by-side. However, Alison said she felt like she was struggling on her 20-year-old bike. Not sure how the biking will work out in the future. The difference in bikes is why I seldom bike with Patti and her crew.

At any rate, we took a break around mile eight and this woman commented that we were sitting in the sun. There is really no good place to sit until the organization that maintains the trails finishes with this one shelter/picnic area.

The woman, Erma, had on all the accoutrements of a veteran bicyclist: jersey, cycling shoes, a helmet with a mirror etc. I asked Erma about her average mileage and she said 15 is her low side and 40 is on the high end. Age has slowed me down. I told her that there was no comment from me as the most I've ever done is 20 something miles...

We finished our ride and since I was already dirty, I clipped a few pressing weeds then cleaned up.

Spent the rest of my time hanging up clothes, hand washing a few items and looking for my best pair of glasses that had been missing since Tuesday. Finally, I looked in my swim bag again and the glasses where there.

Went grocery shopping and when I came back, heard an owl. A couple of neighbors heard it too. Hearing the owl was a nice way to end the day.

Monday, May 14, 2018


Spotted along today's route.
Knowing that I wouldn't be able to make it to Zumba, I decided to walk to work.

The front-end of the day was the best option given the toasty weather and I also wanted to shift my day by changing up my routine. I ended up walking a different way when I saw this woman tidying up. She paused to say "hello" then asked me if I wanted water.

She made my freaking day...

Went to a sound meditation -- it was the last one of the season since the gatherings are associated with a school's wellness community.

The Himalayan gong, the singing bowls and the tongue drum just create a magical and relaxing experience for me.

It was tough missing Zumba but I know that I can go again soon.

Saturday, May 12, 2018


For today, I was either going to goat yoga or I was going to visit a living yoga studio. The latter was more appealing because it less time was involved.

Part of me also wanted to squeeze in Zumba. Instead, I mopped the kitchen floor then went to yoga at the living studio at a farm in Ferguson.

I'm not quite sure what I was expecting but we had to weigh the "life" down in the studio with our mats. The kids that were present didn't really dig the bubble bees and the youngest stayed vigilant -- he literally had his eyes on the ground the whole time. The woman in charge of the farm let us know that there would be "farm noises" because it is a working farm yadda yadda yadda.

Living Yoga Studio

It was hot today.

Sometimes you forget about creature comforts and even though I consider myself adventurous when it comes to sampling exercises, I'm not that adventurous about being outdoors. For real, I'm not that fond of dirt and still...

Being on a farm makes me think of my grandfather and my great, great grandmother etc. Most seem to acclimate to the heat  and embrace the experience.  Practicing yoga on that farm in that living studio made me feel grounded and connected. I could have lingered on the farm for a long time...

Best Ever Mint Water

Part of the Class\

Not Part of the Class
Outside of the Living Studio
I didn't work over 50 hours this week but I'm totally feeling this woman:

Also feeling Shonda Rhimes:

Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Didn't go to Zumba yesterday because I saw that the regular teacher had something come up unexpectedly at work. It turns out that she got nominated for an award for choreography that she did for a school play.

I walked back to work. Got in about 8,000 steps but still felt the urge to bicycle so I did. Went for a short ride -- about five miles.

Today I walked back to work after lunch again. Was feeling sluggish so I didn't go swimming. Instead, I siphoned dirty water out of the fish tank which was an overdue task then I pulled more weeds out of the backyard since tomorrow is yard trash day.

Spotted on my walk; he's been up there for a while.
Also spotted on my walk.

Looked for my good glasses for about 30 minutes. Overall, just feeling tapped out.

The staff appreciation committee came around with coffee, bagels and Danishes. I passed up on the bread products because I had eaten breakfast but I did get coffee which took my total up to about 24 ounces for the day.

Light Roast
Since I'm walking, I'm listening to podcasts again and a lot of them are the usual suspects like The Moth and Death, Sex and Money. I also listened to Yoga Girl's podcast, From the Heart, for the first time and really liked it -- probably because it was about travel. I also enjoyed listening to Yoga Girl and her husband; it was a nice exchange.

Took the picture below as I bicycled on Monday. Kind of like that it's crooked.

The road less traveled?

Oh yeah, I'm also enjoying Mickela Mizzoli's Bare Feet.

Thursday, May 3, 2018


Went climbing tonight.

I'm feeling confident on the wall again. 

In general, I feel like I'm shedding the heaviness of winter and making better decisions about eating. While it wasn't rock bottom, I was certainly indulging in foods that I should have left alone. 

In many ways, I feel like I'm struggling with stuff like getting myself ready for work, household chores etc. 

I also don't feel like I'm in the zone of contentment like I was for a long time. I'm short-tempered and I feel my reactions to certain people are juvenile and that's not where I want to be. 

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Too Much Rallying

Got an invitation to go to an Iyengar yoga class on Friday. I'd had my eye on the studio and wanted to go since I would have someone to go with me but I was feeling tapped out.

I know that yoga would have probably made me feel better but... The class started at 6 and I would have had to get to the studio 20 minutes early. It was just too much rallying for my state of mind so I went home, paused then siphoned water out of the fish tank because I was over a week behind on doing that task. Headed to the to the 'Fugee's after composing myself a bit. Unbelievably, I was sleepy but managed to make it through a short movie then I took a short nap.

As the 'Fugee and I exited, her neighbor came out and was startled. I chuckled and then it was my turn to be startled when her small dog ran toward me. I guess we are all jumpy, she said...

Alison and I went on our first bike outing of the year. It was h than the projected forecast and a little windy but we made it. Alison has such a keen eye. As we bicycled, she spotted two turkeys -- one fanning his tail. Later on, she spotted these tiny, roadrunner-like birds.

Tiny, Fast Bird
We stopped around mile eight to have a snack. I brought an orange and Alison brought a mango and we exchange a half. Both were amazing.


Slightly Obsessed with Bike Sharing Fleet

Monday, April 23, 2018


Went to the Earth Day Festival on Saturday where I practiced yoga, met a dog (while practicing yoga) and then a pig (while exploring the festival).

Sunday was a blur of cooking and attempts at cleaning.

Met my colleague's 13-day-old and got to hold him for a significant time while she did some paperwork. Pinky swear, I had the nicest Monday.

Went to Zumba and, at some point, thought that a Camelbak would be the best option for Grace's class and it also crossed my mind that her class should be titled Extreme Zumba or something. Several people's hair went from dry to damp. Sweat almost rolled in my eye and my colleague, Chelsea, said that even her ankles were sweating.

Bought basil from one of the international stores a few days ago which, of course, made me order basil essential oil and I couldn't just order one oil because the basil would be lonely so I also bought rosemary oil too.

The basil smells so earthy and it was kind of overpowering at first but it was such a treat each time that I got in my car and took a whiff of it. It's amazing how oils are able to help elevate my mood.

Monday facts: I got in the tub at 9:30 p.m. and I have made a little over 15,000 steps.