Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Diffused eucalyptus and lemon essential oils last night and slept decently but woke up with cotton mouth as the post-swimming congestion settled in at some point.

When I talked to one of the guys at the pool last night, he says that anytime he wears his silver ring in the pool, it turns a dark color and he's also noticed that the coins in the vending machine are kind of weird.

At any rate, I battled the congestion with a variety of essential oils and, now, the congestion is gone but I need to cut back on my indoor swimming...

When I went over to my aunt G.'s on Sunday, she gave me her paper. She gets the Illinois paper except for on Sunday when she, erroneously, gets the St. Louis Post Dispatch which she doesn't care for. So,what did I do this morning? I caught up on comic strips and I was drawn to the two below:

A major fire happened today and there's still a plume of smoke. I've been concerned about air quality which made me think about people in war-torn countries and bombs and rubble.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Accidental Picture
Went to the pool after a two week hiatus. I was horribly congested after I went last time. Plus, the water is usually chilly and I just wasn't feeling it last week with the cooler temperatures.

Got to the pool around 6:50 p.m. and the lifeguard approached me. The hours had changed and I was about 30 minutes early, ugh.

This guy who often comes to the pool told me that he did the same thing last week and he went on to tell me that he had to swim in a hurry as he usually drops his wife off at the thrift store then picks her up when he's finished swimming. He went on to tell me that they both lost a lot of weight years ago and couldn't afford to keep buying clothes and that's when they first started shopping at thrift stores. I told him that I have a friend ( the 'Fugee) who has the patience to shop at such stores.

Another guy who I last saw in May is back at the pool and he told me that he had lost 28 pounds over the summer. He wasn't a heavy guy to begin with but I guess he was heavier than he wanted to be.

His secret? He cut his lunch in half and now he cuts a subway sandwich into five parts and eats it for dinner. Yes, he's on the "Jared Diet." When I asked him about breakfast, he said that he sleeps in late and has never been much of a breakfast person.

It's kind of funny that neither one of these guys has talked to me about weight before and that was tonight's topic.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Outside the Box

Banner in the Therapy Room
A massage therapist that I used to go to on a regular basis but hadn't been to in six months reached out to me to let me know that she is moving. When I first saw the email subject, I thought she was moving to another location and not out of state.

She is one of the first therapists that I found when I first got into massage therapy. After communicating with her about the move, I immediately booked an appointment and thought about all the times that I didn't go because I couldn't find a slot or day to my liking. Ugh, sometimes you just have to think outside the box and be flexible.

At any rate, I was so touched that she reached out because I would have been crushed had she left town without me getting the chance to say goodbye.

I really enjoyed and benefited from my massage and energy therapy sessions with her. She is warm, professional and serious about her craft. Part of me wants to regret the infrequency of my visits but the other part of me wants to lean into the grateful part -- that I got a chance to see her once more.

This morning I was reading a local publication called The Healthy Planet and I really like this issue's Holy Mole cartoon. Massage definitely makes me feel more appreciative and alive. 

Also, the fall foliage has been a welcome and beautiful distraction. I've had my camera out for the last two days...

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Human Nature

Got a nastygram a.k.a an email from the resident bully at work. Well, I wasn't the only one who got it. It was addressed to me, two of my other colleagues and two people who are above us.

This nasty person sat next to me at the holiday party last year and said If they had a heart attack, most of the people in the room would walk over them. If you know that you are perceived this way, why not try to change your behavior?

There is a part of my brain that thinks that if this person were on fire, I wouldn't spit on them and the other part of me knows that I would help this nasty person out -- if they were on fire.  On some level, I feel that this person is unhappy and miserable but that doesn't excuse the behavior.

Many of the grams that I share with people who are not on Instagram, look like the this one:

But there is this part of me that is done with this person and I'm tired of being civil and there is a gram for this part of me to -- How human of me.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

An Inconvenient Weekend

I have been waiting for cold weather to appear so that it would, at the very least, kill the grass but, no, it didn't happen and I had to pull the lawnmower out as well as collect more bur acorns.

Saturday was a blur and I found myself grocery shopping around 8:00 p.m. I also find myself dreading grocery shopping nowadays.

The extra hour was nice and since I knew that I'd be meeting my cousin for a walk, I charged my camera and took that opportunity to move pictures to external storage so that I could delete pictures. The memory card holds a little over a 1,000 thousand pictures and I kept getting a message that it was full.

With my iPod backing up to Google Photos and uploading stuff to Shutterfly, it's hard to remember what I've uploaded sometimes but I will say that it was nice going through a lot of the pictures, including the ones from my trip to Bosnia and Croatia. I would like to make a photo book of that trip but I have mixed emotions about adding to existing clutter. 

My cousin and I went walking over in East St. Louis, IL. It's a cool little park that falls off my radar. This very funny and nice man was at the top of the overlook with his daughter and he pointed out the webcam that I hadn't noticed before.

It was fun to go back and take snapshots of webcam footage.

Snapshots of Webcam

Because the weather was so nice, I took another walk then came back home to start cooking. Needed to go back to the store for two items because I forgot to get peas and carrots and squash last night.

Thought that I might get to take a short walk with the 'Fugee but after raking leaves and picking up more acorns, I ran out of steam and time.

Walk II

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Went back to the yoga studio that I used to go to on s regular basis -- hadn't been in almost three months and, of course, I chose Halloween to go so there ended up being two of us in class but it ended up being quite lovely.

The teacher dressed up as a cat and had a playlist that included Jackson's Thriller, Nina Simone's I Put A Spell on You and Nancy Sinatra's Bang Bang which kept me thinking of Kill Bill which was, I guess, appropriate for Halloween.

Yoga was brought to my workplace today -- a restorative class. A few of us having been talking about a relaxation group and we've been talking about possibly chipping in to have a yoga teacher come on-site.

Walked into the conference room and heard the soft music and it was instantly relaxing and the class was super sweet.

Went to Zumba tonight and, at one point, left out of the room because the music was way too loud. The teacher doesn't normally play the music at that level. Apparently, my exit was dramatic because my former coworker, Katie, asked me if I was okay as did another woman that I'm familiar with.

As we exited the locker room, I told Katie that I was probably overly sensitive right now. Seriously, I just need to hibernate.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Hit Or Miss

The Bowls
Went to another sound mediation on Monday but this time it was with Himalayan bowls and gongs as opposed to crystal bowls.

Although it still felt a little trippy, I really enjoyed it and was amazed at how fast the hour went by. Again, I slept well after the sound meditation experience.

On Tuesday, I had a dilemma. Because I'd gone to the meditation, I missed Zumba but I had another opportunity to go on Tuesday but figured that I wouldn't have another opportunity to go swimming for another week so I chose swimming but sleeping did not choose me as I had chemical congestion and couldn't sleep.

Suffered through really tight hamstrings a couple of days. I'm going to totally attribute that to my hit or miss yoga routine these days.

On Friday, I noticed that my mucus production was in overdrive and then congestion reared it's ugly head again. There's nothing like congestion to make you appreciate uncomplicated breathing, wow. I've thrown everything that I can think of at the congestion -- tea with lemon, lemon water, juice with ginger etc. and I've been diffusing even though some think that essentials oils are placebos. All I know is that lemon essential oil (mixed with a carrier oil) helps to alleviate congestion...

Checked items off my to-do list despite feeling under the weather but it never seems like enough stuff gets done.

I cooked a recipe out of Thug Kitchen 101. So far, fingers crossed, I've liked most of the Thug recipes.

Part of my workout out today consisted of picking up these nuts that find their way under shoes so easily.