Thursday, March 15, 2018

Today Is A Day

Reflecting on my latest accomplishments -- inspired by Thoughts of Dog.

4. Read for 15 minutes this morning.

b. Wore my essential oil bracelet and put lemon oil in to uplift my mood.

1. Remained open, flexible and shifted plans when Patti sent an email titled "user error."

9. Went for a walk.

2. Yoga'd.

2. Sent a thank you note.

d. Committed a random act of kindness.

7. Ate a piece of fruit after dinner.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Cover Up

Tried to see if there was something different that the 'Fugee and I could do on Fridays and saw that Wyclef Jean was slated to play with the St. Louis Symphony but the 'Fugee nixed that idea. I was also curious to see how Jean's mishandling of his charity had worked out. Of course, Jean wasn't the only one who mishandled funds. I'm still miffed at the Red Cross.

As I looked at events, the Missouri Botanical Garden's Orchid Show popped up. I had seen social media posts about the show then it slipped off my radar. The garden also wouldn't work for Friday because it closes at 5:00 p.m. so the 'Fugee and I ended up going to see The Post. It's amazing the freedoms that you take for granted; the movie made me remember how hard it was for women to get many rights.

Fast forward to Saturday. I saw a red circle on Instagram and read the direct message from one of the yoga teachers that I know who had left me a voicemail but I'm really bad about turning on my phone. She wanted to know if I was interested in going to the Orchid Show since she has a family and friends membership. Hadn't put the show in my time budget but it felt meant to be.

The three of us who ended up going all enjoy taking pictures so it made the outing even cooler. One of the women took the picture below of me. Sometimes I think about dyeing my hair to hide the gray but I think that one of the reasons that it looks odd is because so many people do choose to cover it up but I don't think that I even have time to indulge in this type of activity.

Monday, March 5, 2018

She Likes Flowers

The other event that I wanted to see this past weekend was Art in Bloom at the St. Louis Art Museum. I missed it last year. So, I cooked and ran errands and, at the last minute, thought that the 'Fugee might like to go. She likes flowers and she likes art, ta-dah! To my surprise, the 'Fugee agreed to go. We got to the art museum about 90 minutes before the show ended. We enjoyed ourselves.

When I told my aunt about my earlier Sunday activities, she said that she'd heard two women at Soulard Market talking about Art in Bloom; when they'd tried to go, it was too crowded. There was still a nice amount of people when we went but it wasn't bad and we were able to find decent parking.

Here are some of my favorites:

Red Ribbon Winner

Sheryl Timmermann's Representation of Standing Ardhanarisvara
Timmermann was around her floral art and talked about how she made the lotus flower out of anthurium flowers. She said a lot more but I don't remember much. She also had mala beads in her design too.

I'll have to read more about the story of the Ardhanarisvara and go to the art museum more often too.

The 'Fugee took this picture of me while I was checking out one of the floral installations. I like the installation as well as the picture.

As you can see, I don't fuss over my clothes. My top should be all the way down but whatever...

Saturday, March 3, 2018


Paper towel after wiping my face after festival.
Had my eye on a couple of events this weekend and really  preferred one over the Holi Festival but Alison really wanted to go to Holi and she is busy on Sunday so I had a pep talk with myself about flexibility and went with Alison...

I squealed a little when a woman approached me and said Happy Holi while simultaneously smearing my cheek with color. She didn't scare me but I think that I have this thing about being "dirty."

Think there was also the sensation of having someone in my personal space and touching at the same time. Reminded me of one of Octavia Butler's books where the people greet each other by touching them on the throat, a sign of trust.

The kids were so cute. They also greeted us with Happy Holi and put colors on us.

The food at the festival was delicious and I totally want to make Mung Bean and Rice Pilaf and I'm still trying to find out the origins of the crispy rice that was kind of like dry cereal.

All in all, I think that Holi Festival is a wonderful way to celebrate the triumph of good over evil plus the coming of spring.

Someone dipping into a bag of color powder.
Went to the store after Holi Festival and ran into Joy. She says that since she opened the new studio, she is very content and has no desire to go to Jamaica right now. Yup, that's what "they" say -- you should build a life that you don't need a vacation from. Until then, I'm plotting my next vacation.

Thursday, March 1, 2018


I'm back.

You never miss the beauty of Jamaica until you get back. Everything looks dull here. I miss how brightly the sun shines, the Caribbean Sea and the wide variety of fruit.

Kept thinking that I should have taken the rest of the week off but I'm also trying to watch my PTO days so I returned to work. As my aunt Debbie said You can do it (Thursday and Friday)...

On another note, I'm embarrassed to say that I did not know that there is a state of emergency in Jamaica. Found this out from one of the shop owners who bemoaned the fact that the lawbreakers were making it difficult for law-abiding citizens.

I do remember being on the yoga retreat and we kind of chuckled at being driven to a destination about five minutes away and our driver told us that it wasn't good to be walking on dark roads at night and that Negril is a different town in the p.m...

I unpacked my suitcase yesterday, an unprecedented occurrence. Normally, it takes me forever. Maybe it was because I packed so efficiently. There were only a few items that I didn't use. Think that I need to go on way more trips in order to hone my packing skills, yup.

I have also been unpacking my body. Went to yoga yesterday and got such a treat. One yogi also plays singing bowls and she gave me a brief primer and let me play her bowls. It was unbelievable how relaxing it was listening to the bowls for just a few minutes.

Went to yoga again today as I try to stay in the right frame of mind.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Not Tracking Days

Love how I lose track of days when I'm on vacation -- when it's hard to tell Tuesday from Friday.

Spent the better part of the day at the beach -- watching planes land, swimming and people watching. As I swam in the Caribbean Sea, I watched the fish and looked at the coral and thought, "You just won't find that in a swimming pool."

Walked to the Pork Pit to get dinner and my total steps for the day are 9,000-ish -- definitely not 16,000 but nothing to sneeze at.

Saturday, February 24, 2018


I have over 16,000 steps on my fitness tracker and that means one thing -- that David, the unofficial tour guide, intercepted me again. I'm so naive because I didn't expect to see him again and certainly didn't expect for him to attach himself to me again.


I made an easy target as he knew that I would probably exercise. At any rate, he showed me a few more points of interests, including the Marcus Garvey statue and the part of the beach where fisherman hangout. When I asked David if the fisherman were going to get ticked off because I was taking pictures in their territory, he said "no" and that he wouldn't bring me if that were the case then "My life over yours first..."

Fisherman's Beach
My aunt has been craving hotdogs and pizza so I found a restaurant that worked for all us as I am content to eat my weight in jerk chicken and yams right now. My aunt ordered a cheeseburger and before she finished, she burped solidly which made me laugh like a kid. I told her that in some cultures burping is considered a compliment to the chef.