Saturday, December 20, 2014


My body feels out of alignment.

Left knee occasionally feels like it wants to buckle. Right hip is tweaked. Shoulders are unhappy and, sometimes, my right triceps and neck join the club. Now that I think about it, the right knee is not that happy either.

All tweaks were relatively quiet until I hit Zumba today. The class seemed like it went on forever because I felt knackered early in the game.

When Laura played Lady GaGa's suggestive Christmas song, realized that I had not popped my Christmas CD into the player yet. That's so me to start playing Christmas music after Dec. 25th and, possibly, after the decorations have come down...

Finally got around to taking a salt bath. If nothing else, I got more reading done than I have in a while.

Traveled quite a bit today. Went to revisit one of the resale shops that I had been to. Was not successful in finding pants but did find a top that I really like and it's colorful for once. The top is from Chico's and I can see why my cousin Chiquita likes to shop there.

Also went to The Hill to get stocking stuffers. Haven't been in ages so it was nice to look around. In fact, I'm never seen the statue of Italian immigrants. Also saw a very cute doggie in the window.

The whole holiday shopping thing is interesting. The family really doesn't buy gifts for each other anymore. Most of my folks give away cookies and cakes. Le sigh...

I know that most of my folks have what they need and a lot of the stuff that they want but I still get caught up in the game. In addition, there's always that one person, outside of family, that gives you something unexpectedly.

I do try to give people uncluttered gifts or experience gifts. It's hard not to get swept up in the madness but there is also part of me that likes to give the folks in my life a little something.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Last Night

Went swimming last night and glad that I did because the pool's closing was off my radar. When I saw the notice about the winter break, I started having withdrawal symptoms. No swimming until next year unless I find a substitute pool.

After the pool went to the store so that I could get ingredients for a quiche. Stopped by the deli and the two ladies started chuckling when I mentioned a switch in turkey flavors. One of the deli ladies actually convinced me to switch. When I told her that the price had gone up on my favorite turkey brand, she remarked What hasn't gone up?

Stopped by the discount bin and saw some Siggi's yogurt that had been discounted to $.50 cents. Wasn't sure if I'd like it so I only grabbed two. Big mistake.

The Siggi's yogurt made the entire post-swimming trip worth it.

Used to think that I could live in Germany because of the chocolate. Now, I'm considering Iceland because of Siggi's. I like Icelandic movies too. That's enough, isn't it?

Don't know about the whole fermented shark thing though...

I even love the container. With Chobani and Fage, it's a struggle to get all of the contents out. With Siggi's, no struggle.

Monday, December 15, 2014

A Little Salt on Top

Used to go to yoga on Monday nights but Monday has turned into the day that I exercise at home then stay put so that I can do chores, gather myself, whatever...

Found a recipe for chickpea burgers and made some on Sunday. I'll have to tweak the recipe because they were totally bland. Probably would have tasted better with red onion on top but I didn't feel like making a trip to the store just for one item. After putting ketchup and a little salt on top, it tasted pretty good. Didn't feel bad about adding salt because I made them with organic garbanzo beans without salt....

One of my New York friends used to jokingly ask me how things were going in Missouriery. It's not feeling like a joke anymore after Mike Brown, Kajieme Powell and Vonderrit Myers.

In addition to the shootings a Bosnian-American, Zemir Begic, was killed by four teenagers (mostly Black) who used a hammer as a weapon.

I was recently told, by the 'Fugee, of a Bosnian woman who was the victim of a hate crime. The story sounded too convenient but still...

Today we found out that the story is a hoax.

I immediately thought of Susan Smith and how some refugees and immigrants fear Black people but I couldn't muster an ounce of indignation because Seherzada Dzanic didn't kill anyone.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Something Blue

Chiquita had on black and royal blue for my aunt's funeral and I wish that I'd been able to find royal blue as well since my aunt expressed an interest in having a royal blue dress toward the end of her life.

The good thing about Chiquita is that she loves to dress up and usually has multiple bracelets and necklaces on and she does it in the most tasteful fashion.

Told Alison how I didn't succeed in finding any clothes and she said that she was no good under pressure either.

Went with my go-to Jones of New York blouse, black blazer and black slacks. I don't do dresses.

Borrowed Necklace
Did a tribute for my aunt and I was scheduled after the memorial DVD. Luckily, there was a soloist in between the DVD and my tribute. Otherwise, I don't know if I could have pulled myself together in time. Almost lost it after I said that my aunt never threw in the towel but I recovered even though I started speaking loudly.

After leaving Illinois, stopped downtown to get a chickpea burger then went to the 'Fugee's where we watched Wish I Were Here. A good movie but not a good one to watch when you're grieving. I had quickly watched a YouTube trailer because I wanted to stop by the Redbox since my Netflix movie did not get to the station on time.

As Mike said when we climbed on Wednesday, mortality blows.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

It Still Had Calories

Met Chiquita to view the memorial DVD with pictures of my aunt plus family. Hadn't planned on it so I didn't have time to go home and eat lunch.

Kept thinking about what would be suitable to eat from the vending machine and decided to eat some expired (by five months) pear crisps which I almost threw away until my next door neighbor at work reminded me that, not only were they sealed, they were also freeze-dried and that's what I had for lunch and I didn't feel terribly hungry which makes me feel like I'm on automatic and overeating a lot.

The Expired Ones
On Sunday I made a stir-fry and used an Archer Farms' sauce which was too sweet. Otherwise, I haven't been cooking and stopped by Lulu's Local Eatery after work today and got a sweet potato black bean burger. Also got a peppermint mocha cupcake. It was vegan but, yeah, it still had calories.

It's kind of amazing that when I feel like I'm on my best behavior, nothing happens in the weight loss department but when I'm indulging...

Feeling a bit out of control but I guess this, too, shall pass. We'll see how my carpe diem attitude impacts the weight loss.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Running Around

Met Alison for yoga on Sunday and told her that I'd been looking for clothes. She immediately suggested Lane Bryant, reached into her car to get me a Bryant coupon then started listing a whole host of resale shops. I had forgotten how refugees and immigrants explore every nook and cranny in a town.

After work yesterday, hightailed it to one resale store since they close at 6 and went to another store during my lunch break today. I'm looking for something for my aunt's memorial service.

Sometimes being in love with super casual attire can get you in trouble. I do have a black blazer and a Jones of New York blouse that's really nice but I wear it whenever I'm dressing up and I need a back-up.

I did see two blazers that I like. One was brown with pink flecks but I don't really have anything to go with it and the one that I really liked was a tad bit too tight. The snug blazer came from Chico's so maybe I need to head there.

Looks Much Nicer Than Picture

Saturday, December 6, 2014


Did you know that people bury urns? I didn't either.

Seems redundant to have someone cremated then buried.

My aunt Alice is not keen on cremation. Although my aunt, late in the game, said that she wanted to be cremated my aunt Al said that she never expressed it to her and when Chiquita asked Al if she liked an urn with mother of pearl on it, she said I don't pick urns, I pick caskets...

My aunt Al still has her sense of humor though. When we were at the hospital on Wednesday and I discovered how hungry I was, the cafeteria had already closed. Don't you have any yogurt in that bag? she asked. My folks love to joke with me about tofu and yogurt and...

On Thursday, I took sandwiches from Crazy Bowls and Wraps because I didn't know how long I would be away from home. Should have known that my aunt Girt would bring food. Between Crazy Bowls and the soup and cornbread that my aunt G. brought, we were covered.

Several of us ate wraps but there were still a couple left. As I prepared to leave, my aunt Al said You better take this high-priced food home.