Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Usual

The usual -- yoga, bicycling etc.  my response to someone's question about what I would do with myself during the weekend.

The someone was a colleague that I don't often work with. This (our new building) would be a great place for yoga. She asked where I practiced yoga and wondered about how good the teachers are at my fitness club.

I reminded her about the donation-based outdoor yoga. What is it with outdoor yoga? My friend went and they took booty shots. Yes, booty shots do tend to happen....

I have a strong urge to document so I have mixed emotions about the designated photographers for yoga gatherings. Yesterday I went to a Yoga Buzz event that was part of a Mind and Body health festival. The photographer clicked and clicked and clicked.

Doing yoga can be a vulnerable experience so it's weird to have someone document the experience and I was glad when the clicking stopped.

Elle's class was good for me though because half the stuff coming out of her mouth was funny and I have been in the crabby zone.

After yoga spotted the big top of Circus Flora which made me smile. Remember the Far Side cartoon about two men who run away from corporate jobs to join the circus? I won tickets to see Circus Flora and I'm looking forward to going.

Went to Gloria's yoga class today then made a quick stop by her house since she wanted to give me a pair of sandals that were too big for her. We wear the same size but my foot is wider. The sandals fit like a glove but I was more excited about Gloria's garden. It was a little oasis of kale, beets, basil etc. and that cheered me up. I need to get to the MO Botanical Garden.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Binds and Whatnot

One of my neighbors asked me if I was tired of walking to work and also wanted to know if starting the day off walking made for a prolonged day.

When I walk or bike to work, I feel like I own more of the day. Same thing for setting aside 15 minutes in the morning to read. I could get to work earlier but...

Night three of dreaming. Can't recall Saturday's dream but last night dreamed that I was bicycling until I came upon a washed out rode. Spotted a semi-submerged grayish fish in the water when I had to stop bicycling...

Came home, cut the grass -- yadda yadda yadda -- showered then headed to yoga.

Believe it or not, I wonder sometimes why I'm sitting in a yoga class. Those thoughts usually creep up when eagle pose (can't stand it) or a bind is called for but despite eagle et al. Monday night is definitely a good night for yoga.

As savasana started, Joy said Every single cell of your body...soft, relaxed and disengaged. Seriously Joy? It's a mission that I'll accept again and again.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Dreams Are Made of This...

Dreamed that I was covered in blood -- from head to toe. One wound was gaping which made blood drip from my fingers.

The 'Fugee and I watched Selma so there was no need to go to Dream Moods although I did... 

Could have stayed in the house today. Another weekend without bicycling because of the rain. Zumba wasn't particularly calling my name but it was more appealing than figuring out what to do on my own.

Because of a minor procedure, the regular Saturday Zumba teacher has not been there in about two months. Sub number three, Grace, was in the house. I was briefly confused when I saw Shannon, a.k.a. the yelper, who's subbed before.

After class I joked with Shannon that she didn't yelp nearly as much as a student and she told me that she got in a couple of yelps but it didn't seem right to do a lot of yelping since someone else was teaching.

It was kind of cool to have Grace leading and Shannon as her right-hand woman because, at one point, Grace went to adjust the sound system and I just followed Shannon's lead because she, of course, knew the routine.

Back to Selma...

As I watched the movie, thought about something Oprah Winfrey said a long time ago: Your ticket has already been bought and paid for...

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Two Straps Left

I was about to finish my climbing outing when a leg strap snapped loose on my harness. My belay partner, Will, noticed immediately. Told him that I would down climb but he alerted a staff member who came to the same conclusion -- that down climbing would be the best option. Still, the staffer starting prepping the auto belay...

When I got down, the same staffer asked if I had double backed my strap. I was pretty sure that I had since the other straps were double backed.

I immediately thought about the weight that I had gained. Felt like I had broken a chair but, really, nothing was broken and the strap wasn't frayed. I do like to wear my leg straps a bit loose so I'll have to tighten them up more from now on.

My heart didn't even start pumping fast. Knew that I had two straps left and that I had to get to the ground. I'm pretty sure that my hours on a yoga mat contributed to my calm descent.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Rained Out

It pretty much rained all day long. Yeah, I know -- April showers.

I did a modest amount of uncluttering in the paper department. Came across two expired credit cards that I never activated and unpleasant work emails. Not sure why I printed those to begin with. Felt good to get rid that stuff. Can't imagine the energetic weight.

Also got around to washing clothes and sweeping the fish tank. Finished reading the Aha! April issue of Psychology Today. I've been thinking about Tania Luna, the suprisologist, for a while now. It was one of the first articles that I read days ago in that issue. There was also an interesting article, The New Survivors, about people with cancer.

Liked how Susan Gubar talked about gravy days and  there was a part of Ellen Stovall's story that was "funny" to me. Stovall went to a therapist to help with anxiety after a diagnosis of Hodgkin's lymphoma.
The therapist gave her a dog-training clicker and instructions to click it whenever she found herself ruminating about what might go wrong, then force herself to do something else, such as baking or taking a walk.(Pg 82)
I bet a lot of us need clickers...

Lost myself in the Viva el Capitalismo! issue of Newsweek. There's a psychology professor, Sandra Soca Lozano, featured in the story and she makes $30 a month and won't leave Cuba because she's an only child. When she goes out to dinner with Abigail Jones, the journalist, and others at a fancy restaurant, she realizes "...Working in my field (education) will never allow me to go by myself to places like that. I will always have to wait to be invited by someone else."

Reading Lozano's comments just made me realize (again) how so many of my days are gravy days.

In that same Newsweek, I enjoyed an article about yarn bombing. Would have loved to seen Steve Duneier's project up close and personal. I'm smitten with Duneier's new year commitment of having "Giving" and "Learning" resolutions...

Friday, May 8, 2015

Rewiring The Noodle

When Alison and I went to the Cinco de Mayo yoga event, told her that the camera had stopped working on my iPod with the shattered glass. Alison said that my iPod looked like roadkill.

Shattered glass, broken camera, malfunctioning home button and crashing apps -- it was time to let go of my refurbished iPod that I got in 2011.

When I opened my new iPod, I was shocked to see that Alison and I had purchased our devices in mid-March. Talk about delayed gratification. Can't believe that I waited so long to open it. The new bells and whistles gave me a little insight to why people stand in line when Apple products are released.

I'm missing a lot of music thanks to the virus that hit my computer so I'll have to break out the CDs and import music again. Maybe I can outsource this task?

My replacement Fitbit arrived. I christened it at Zumba yesterday and had, roughly, 6,000 steps from Shawny's beat down of a class. I asked Shawny what did she do before class. Take a nap, she responded. I need to try that next time...

This morning's pre-work reading was from the April issue of Psychology Today. I took note of the Is Your Smartphone Making You Dumb? article:
Because your phone doesn't even have to be in your hand to decrease your cognitive abilities, perhaps it's best to keep it hidden during tasks that demand your attention. 
I, at least, try to honor this idea during yoga. I don't have a smart phone and I don't really have a smart device when I carry it around unless I'm near a wifi signal but still...

I really like the tips for How To Coax An Aha! from the same issue of Psychology Today.

According to Roland Griffiths, meditation is a good way to ready the mind. However, he concedes that "It's not easy, and it can be really frustrating initially because the mind mutinies..." Yes it does.

Other tips include breaking a sweat and hitting the road.

Re: hitting the road, the author says: When we travel, we put ourselves in a position of receptivity to novelty: new ideas, new rituals, new perspectives. Thus do we make new associations, rewire our noodles, and effectively become different people.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Body Starts Telling On You

A new coworker thanked me for my attitude. This person is a bit of a schmoozer but as someone I know once said It doesn't hurt for people to "pretend" to be civilized.

Talked to the new coworker about yoga and she said that it's good that I go because if you don't do things for your body  it starts telling on you.

I wanted to go swimming and to Yoga Buzz's Cinco de Mayo celebration. As soon as the coworker said that about the body, I decided to do yoga. Swimming is relaxing but I'm trying to mix things up a bit and not get stuck on doing the same things on the same day just because that's the way I've done them before.

When Alison expressed interest in going to the Cinco de Mayo(ga), that just sweetened the pot.

It was a really nice yoga session with food and drinks afterward. I kept thinking that it felt like Friday but a good feeling shouldn't be reserved for one day...

Here's a picture of our time in savasana. Not sure who snapped the picture.