Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Fun Dihedral or Overheard At The Gym, III

  • Male climber: You're selectively nice.

    Female climber: Silence.

    Female climber: More silence.

    Female climber: I'm going to be selectively nice and let you take Metrolink instead of giving you a ride.

  • He has a strength to weight ratio that I can only dream about.

  • Chris, one of my climbing partners, regarding his son who scampered up Grab the Jug, a 5.8 route.


  • On belay?, Climber

    Belay is on
    ., Person taking belay certification

    You can't answer that question
    ., An Upper Limits staff member

    The would-be belayer had not taken enough slack out of the rope.

  • At this point, I'm not running my schedule; my schedule is running me.,Chris

  • I don't really eat meat but I'll eat Pappy's ribs., A woman's comment when a discussion about said ribs broke out.

  • So, it's better to have climbed and lost than to not have climbed at all?

    After explaining to Jerry (Mike's brother) that, while one should follow the designated route, sometimes we climb out of our comfort zones, get practice and make our way to the top any way possible.

  • This is horrible -- Sophie about halfway up a gnarly 5.11b.

    As Sophie got towards the top, she did this awesome move were she swung her body from right to left to get over the arch.

  • Sophie is strong., An observer watching Sophie climb

  • I don't like this route (Billy Goat Chips). I probably need to do it out of antipathy., Chris

  • That dihedral is really fun., a climber suggesting a route to Patti and me.

  • But, um, yeah; it's a 5.11a called Top Kill.

  • I saw the Reel Rock Tour and realized that I have been such a pansy. I'm going to take my climbing to the next level., Kristen

  • What are you taking to the next level?


    1. It really is taking it to the next level when you are talking climbing isn't it?? I am in maintenance mode in my life right now - just trying to get it all done.

    2. Diane,

      Yes, you definitely have to take your game up a notch with climbing. ☺

      I'll be glad when I get to the maintenance point in my journey. In due time...