Saturday, January 31, 2015

Boom Boom or Month-End Review, January

So, here we are at the end of a January again...

Went to Zumba this morning and one of the newbies asked me to be kind, if she passed out, and just roll her to the back of the room. I chuckled when two friends left about midway through the class and one said Workout over...

When I went swimming on Tuesday, one of the coaches for the youth swim team made me smile. She said that I hadn't missed a night of swimming since she'd been coming for a year. She also said that I'd lost weight (second person). I told the coach that I was attempting to clean up my eating act and she told me that sleeping is important too. She's not getting to bed any earlier than I am but there's always room for improvement.

My favorite songs from Laura's Zumba class: Uptown Funk. Finally got that one, after 10 attempts, to sync on my iPod. I also like Celebrate. Pitbull makes the catchiest songs. Love the boom boom part and I was tickled to find out that the song is on the  Penguins of Madagascar soundtrack.

10 Minute Solution: Fitness Ball Workouts
*Upper Body, 1 x

10 Minute Solution: Knockout Body
*Fat Attack, 3 x's
*Knockout Body Blast, 6 x's
*Ultimate Upper Body, 4 x's

10 Minute Solution: Rapid Results fat burner
*Power Sports Drill

Climbing, 3 x's

Dance It Off & firm up!
*Rock It, 4 x's

Just Walk: Walk to the Hits, Party Songs
*Mile 2, 4 x's
*Mile 3, 1 x

Swimming, 4 x's

Walking, 5 x's

weight watchers: 7 day tone & burn*
Burn, 1 x
Tone, 3 x's

Yoga, 16 x's

Zumba, 8 x's

*Comp DVD

Thursday, January 29, 2015


I've been trying to roll out of bed without comment (about which day it is or lack of sleep). It totally helps knowing that I'm going to an office with windows galore. The openness and the light have made such a difference...

Decided to go to yoga because I wanted to try a different teacher at the studio that's been offering free yoga this month.

It was a basics class and, basically, I got my behind kicked. Kept thinking that Tiffany definitely omitted something in her bio. I practiced next to Rosie and she told me that it took everything in her not to drop back into child's pose (and stay) at one point.

Left the fierce yoga practice and went to Zumba where there was a fierce sub. Talk about a frenetic pace. I almost walked out of the class.

It's official: I'm knackered.

Monday, January 26, 2015

The Liaison

Went to meditative flow yesterday and Joy talked the talk for almost 60 minutes. She talked about abundance vs. lack -- how we get up in the morning saying that we didn't get enough sleep and how we go to bed at night saying that we didn't get enough done etc.

Joy also spoke about doing what you were meant to do (frequent theme) -- not what your friends or parents think you should do.

She went on to discuss the extraordinariness of an ordinary life...

Liked a lot of what she said yesterday -- Sometimes our minds need permission to get quiet and Our well-being has been prepaid. 

Joy ended the class with You are enough. You matter -- a concept that most of us know but need to have reaffirmed occasionally.

I went back for more today. It was a full house as it has been for this month of free classes and I'm totally digging the energy of 55 plus students in class.

The breath is the liaison between the mind and the body is a concept that caught my attention tonight along with cultivating peace one second at a time.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Dreamcatcher At The Door

Small Terranium at Hot Pot Smoothie
Headed to the 'Fugee's to pick her up after work yesterday for part two of her birthday gift -- a session with an intuitive healer.

As soon I entered the ramp on the highway, had to come to a screeching halt. Looked like something was on fire but someone had lost a bag of concrete or something and when the bag hit the ground there was cloudy smoke everywhere...

The healer had told me that her house was beyond a water tower but it was a strange street with barely visible addresses on mailboxes at the curb.

Pulled into the driveway but still wasn't sure we were at the right house until I spotted the dreamcatcher at the door and the crystals all around the deck.

The 'Fugee and I got good vibes from the healer right away.

The plan was to leave the 'Fugee for her session then come back for the 30 minute reading afterward...

Thought that I would have enough time to hit TJ Maxx, Target and, possibly, Bit Lots. In reality, I had forgotten my money at home so I headed to an ATM. Turned left before the GPS told me to and exclaimed out loud when I came within spitting distance of a deer. I have never been that close to a deer and can still see the deer glancing in my direction.

It's been ages since I've had an almost accident let alone two in one day.

Had also planned to go and get us dinner at Hot Pot Smoothie. Little did I know that so many others had planned to do the same thing. There was no way that I would make it back for the intuitive's reading so I texted 'The Fugee even though I knew that she had turned her phone off and I just took my time and told myself that my presence at the reading must not have been meant to be but the intuitive was nice and she waited.

After The 'Fugee's session was over we headed to her home, ate then watched Pride. We were both sleepy as all get out but managed to stay awake for the 120 minutes of the flick.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

State of the Office

Don't ever think that I'll get tired of being able to turn off the lights after lunch and still have an illuminated office.

Having windows has made such a difference. I don't feel as worn down at the end of the day.

Maybe it's the short week. Maybe it's the fact that I'm behind at work because of the lack of computers and phones but the day doesn't seem to drag...

On the other hand, I'll be glad when the yearly evaluation stuff is finished and I'll also be glad when I finish working on a project with an imminent deadline.

Took a solar-powered dancing plant to work yesterday and a real one today. Had real plants in the windowless building but it just seems sweeter to have plants in the new space.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Light Therapy

Oh my gosh...I have windows at work.

Don't want to think about how working in a windowless building affected me.

My new work space is also bigger. In the old building, I averaged about 3,000 steps per day.

Got in 6,000 steps today since everyone and everything is so spaced out. Most of my shoes are Naturalizers, Aerosoles or Clarks but I feel like I'm going to have to find something even more comfortable.

My window has windows!
The consensus is that my coworker and I have the most beautiful office in the building. One of women who is responsible for cleaning the facility and who speaks, primarily, in Spanish said that we have the most bonita office in the building -- even more bonita than the CEO's which makes me a little nervous but I'm trying not to look a gift horse in the mouth...

Moving In Day
P.S. 'Fugee, Happy Birthdayyyyy!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Don't Be Afraid

Climbing, moving and Zumba created the perfect storm for my quadriceps.

Attempted bridge pose in Gloria's class and had to quickly come down. My sore quads weren't having it.

Ear-catcher from Gloria's class:
Don't be afraid to take your foot off the gas pedal and coast.
Went from Gloria's class, along with Alison and Tammy (First Lady of the First Couple of Yoga) and went to a meditative flow class.

Rosie, one of my colleagues and sometime yoga buddy, was also there. Yoga is all about your mat and what you and only you are doing on your mat but it was nice to have Rosie to my left, Alison to my right and Tammy behind me.

Yoga is really good but yoga with friends is extra special.

Ear-catcher from Joy's class as we went into a forward fold:
There is nothing to prove. There is nothing to obtain...
We were all pretty mellow after class. Later on, went for a walk since the weather is so nice. Didn't cook anything so went to Crazy Bowls and Wraps. Looked and looked at the description of the Mediterranean wrap and didn't remember olives being in the mix. Looked again and realized that the falafel is no longer part of the sandwich. Crazy Bowls was one of the few places that sold baked falafel. No more...

Thursday, January 15, 2015


Is it Thursday? Hard to tell. Feel like I'm in a time warp. Yesterday, we shut down the computers at work and put our cords in a red bag.

It was hard to believe how much stuff I inherited and accumulated. I was exhausted yesterday and, today, I racked up about 8,000 steps before I left work.

My packing soundtrack was Gladys Knight. Kept singing Neither One Of Us and The Way We Were. It was strange to see the joint disassembled but I was still surprised by my pensiveness.

Learned a very powerful lesson as the clock ticked and I tried to squash panic while looking at all the crap on my office floor. There were so many things that I should have thrown away so long ago. Couldn't believe some of the stuff that I filed away and never looked at again. Serious uncluttering is going to be a project at home too...

See You On The Fin Side
Red Tag, First Floor
So Fascinating All Of A Sudden
On another note, I remember watching this reality show and the contestants went to New Orleans. I was shocked when I saw a billboard that said Thou shall not kill. Starting to think we need one of those signs in St. Louis. Last night was awful...

The 'Fugee and I went to have coffee after work. I had some lavender mocha situation. Couldn't resist and since I knew that I'd be going to Zumba, didn't care that I downed a savory beverage. At 15,974 steps right now...

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

There's A Way

Room to Spread Out
The agency where I work is moving.

I deal with three sets of people and I'm on the phone a lot which means opportunities to pack have been slim but the pressure was on today because, well, the movers arrive tomorrow.

Racked up close to 5,000 steps as I tried to organize and get rid of stuff that should have been gotten rid of a long time ago. It felt good too. Kept thinking about that line from the Kite Runner movie: there's a way to be good again. Can't remember if that was a movie quote or if it was in the book too but...
Found an unopened box of strawberry Pocky and a bar of chocolate that had expired in 2006. Typically, if someone gifts me chocolate, especially milk chocolate, and I don't feel like explaining that I won't be indulging, I put it in my desk drawer but I forgot to share this time. Kind of. When I got ready to pitch the chocolate, my next door neighbor wanted to taste it. She's the same one who told me that my expired pear crisps were probably good. She said that the chocolate wasn't bad. Not fresh but not stale either...

Went swimming tonight -- the perfect Rx for my frazzled brain. Plus, it's just nice to get away from land-based exercises and, bonus, there were only a handful of people at the pool.

Went to the store after swimming and scored another Siggi's.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Outside Of A Locked Yoga Studio

Went to FriYay! yoga with one of my colleagues. Also saw the first lady of the First Couple of Yoga.

My colleague kept on me to stay on task at work so that we could get to the class at a respectable time so I found it very funny that I got there way before she did.

While my colleague signed in, I got her mat and made a nest complete with a blanket and block and joked with her about all the things that I'd done while waiting on her.

The joint was packed again.

The payoff of a packed class is the yummy energy that's created. At the end of our practice, we sang OM three times then said shanti the same amount of times. The teacher, Liz, said that if anyone felt uncomfortable with the "chanting" that they could opt out.

The OM chorus is always interesting. You have people who hold the note for a short time and the ones who can really hold it which usually gives me goose bumps.

There are times when I wonder if I'm exaggerating the effects of yoga but since I've been going more often, I feel like I have a sparkle in my heart again. Feel like I should do yoga every day or at least every other day.

Unlike Gingerzingi, I haven't been listening to podcasts regularly since I usually listen to them while I'm walking and there hasn't been any walking going on but I did take time to listen to an On Being episode, A Wild Love For the World, featuring Joanna Macy. Love it when she said But this moment you're alive; so you can just dial up the magic at any time...

I need to hear sentiments like this one...

I also read a book on the books that will make you happier list. Sandra Tsing Loh had me cracking up when she wrote:
My sister is having yet another of her amazing Pema Chodron days.
And this is where I'm at in my life -- I think references to Chodron are funny. I also had to shake my head as I stood outside of a locked yoga studio with the teacher waiting on my colleague.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Midday Sweetness

Slept in because I took the day off and that's always on my agenda when I don't have to wake up alarmed.

Weighed myself and I'm down a pound. Kind of funny...

I've been eating such decadent things but I've also been trying to move more. I also know that you can't out exercise a "bad" diet and I know that my diet isn't all bad but...

When I was over at my aunt Girt's on Sunday, I read tips by Jenna Wolfe and one of them was to pick up 20 paper clips off the floor -- never picking up more than one at a time. Wondered if my coworker would notice but she didn't. I was good about moving around at work and then I became glued to my desk...

I remember how Wolfe worked out Lester Holt. Felt very sorry for him because that workout looked painful. I have now switched to CBS This Morning (Gayle King, Nora O'Donnell & Charlie Rose) so I don't get to see if Wolfe is kicking anyone's behind...

Went to a midday yoga class (desk job relief) and it was so sweet. Joy gave us a handout of Ganesha and talked about his different traits. Love a good storytelling session.

Can't remember what she said about the portly stomach but I was like Finally, a portly stomach pays off. Joy mentioned the sweets at Ganesha's feet. There's always a sweet side (even when some situation is dark), Joy said. You just have to find it.

I know that when people mention Ganesha, they usually say that he is the remover of obstacles. What I did not know was that Ganesha also puts obstacles in the way...

Got some other things done including attending Zumba class. Before class I had to remove lots of obstacles because I wasn't stepping out the house without layers.

Very Pleased with Peace Thermal Underwear

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Went to Joy of Yoga last night and it was like a rock concert. There were so many people that I almost left but I'm glad that I stayed. It was noisy until Joy spoke and everyone got quiet and the hush was amazing.

Joy talked about how phenomenal our bodies are, including the 23,000 breaths that we take per day...

I have a pair of thermal underwear that I cannot find. One of my coworkers told me that Aldi had them on sale. There was an abundance of kid sizes but not much else.

Headed to Family Dollar and Big Lots. The woman at Big Lots started laughing. She said there were some left but not a lot. No luck there either.

Headed home, ate dinner and headed to the pool. That first lap felt so good.

Got out of the water after an hour. When I got out, the remaining women in the pool got out too which made for a traffic jam in the locker room.

Took a shower and, later, put my head under the hand dryer since I have more hair than I've had in a while and it takes longer for it to dry.

Told the lifeguard about my thermal dilemma. She says that she keeps her winter stuff in a container. Told her she was smart but she said that she couldn't find the container which made me laugh. She did tell me that Kmart always has thermal underwear so I headed to Kmart and got what I was looking for.

Now, I feel the need to stay up later than I usually do because everything is in disarray. I cannot even find my Netflix sleeve.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

More and More

When Gloria said "If you have on socks or a jacket, you might want to take it off," I knew what was up and mentally prepared myself for sun salutations.

Gloria was like "This is the Ashtanga sun salutation. This is the Sivananda sun salutation." I said a silent prayer that there were no more versions.

The room was cold but the sun salutations definitely provided heat.

Went from Gloria's class, along with Alison, to another studio, Joy of Yoga, whose owner is offering free yoga for the entire month of January. I believe the free month is to celebrate the studio's one year anniversary. Because of the generous offer the studio, which is beautiful and spacious, was packed with about 60 folks -- many of whom arrived late.

I like how Joy talked about finding your true dharma and, before that, calming all of us down by acknowledging that some of us might be wondering what we were doing in a strange studio with strangers. Joy's class was called meditative flow. I'm starting to enjoy slow flow yoga more and more...

Friday, January 2, 2015

Second Time Around

Felt like Shauna, the former Diet Girl, when I started picking random DVDs and doing a Dust-Off of sorts. There were DVDs that I hadn't even opened. Took off the cellowrap on Dance Off The Inches: Dance It Off and firm up! and I was surprised by how much I liked it. Hardly make it past the first segment, The Rocket Dance, anymore. Love that routine.

Pretty sure that my enthusiasm for the Dance It Off DVD has to do with the Zumba classes that stuck the second time around...

Took the day off because I knew that I wouldn't want to face work after New Year's Day. And what did I do? Washed clothes and went to my barber to get a fresh lining so that I won't totally look like a rafamuffin.

My barber told me that it would be the last haircut since she is in an area that is being revitalized. Despite being in the same place for 20 years, her landlord didn't want to lease to her again. That made me a bit sad but she seems ready to move on even though she's not sure what her next move will be.  I told her to stay in touch...