Saturday, December 4, 2010

Stuff People Say To Me

  • I'm in a size 10 and they are getting tight; I don't want to go up to a size 12. I started going to the gym. I'm also going to try the cabbage diet and see what I can take off in two weeks with exercise and diet...

  • That's ridiculous. One my colleagues when I told her that I had spent 80 minutes at the gym the previous night in order to stave off hibernation syndrome

  • If you're not losing any weight, why do you need to buy new winter tops? Hazira, one of my friends

  • I've gained 50 pounds but I'm happy. I'm too busy to cook and, when I'm on the go, I eat fast food. I know that I shouldn't eat fast food but Iranian food takes two to three hours to cook....I'm not small but I'm not too big. I'm still at the point where I enjoy dressing up.

  • Nice teamwork. Sophie to me after I did some drumming on Patti's forearms after she tackled The Gift of Flight a.k.a The Forearm-Killing route.

  • There's a Groupon for an advanced rock climbing technique class. A hint? from Patti

  • I have gray matter. I just don't use it. I'm so into my body.

    I drink a gallon of water a day -- not because I like water but because my coach tells me that I need to...You need to drink more water.

    Thanksgiving is not really that big of a deal to me. I think we should be thankful every day. Also, people see Thanksgiving as an opportunity to be a glutton and I don't do gluttony. A grappler, stepper and yogi.

  • Anyone said any interesting stuff to you lately?


    1. The DH: You are the touchstone of the universe.

      Yeah, that's why I love him.

    2. These are too funny! If people know my story - they immediately tell me exactly how much they weigh and why they weigh it. Always.

    3. @gingersnapper,

      That is so unbelievably sweet. Hey, no one has ever said that to me...but I'm glad that The DH said it to you. :)


      And that's funny that people volunteer their digits to you -- with an explanation. I haven't gotten that kind of information yet...

    4. The (not so) Reluctant Athlete,

      I like it too; she said a mouthful with that phrase. And, while I have no plans to drink a gallon of water per day, I've been inspired to drink more H20 recently.