Monday, December 6, 2010

Overheard at the Pool

I've had a real swimming jones of late and I'm happy to report that my front crawl breathing is getting better. I was able to swim 200 yards (not consecutively) without pulling up. In honor of my success in the water, here are things that I've overheard at the pool.

  • Father to son at pool: Move your arms in wide circles.

    Son: I'll go down.

    Father: I won't let you go down.

  • Father to son at pool: I'm ready when you are; feet all the way to the edge.

    Son: (Sound of jumping then peals of laughter.)

  • Just because it's hard doesn't mean you shouldn't do it, Same father to son.

  • I'm the boss, Father to son before the father's two quick laps before the start of swimming lessons.

  • Swimming instructor: You're eight years old. You're a strong boy. You've stopped three times. Go. Go. Go.

  • Son to father about swimming: I don't think I'm made for this.

  • Father to son: Kick your legs and move your arms in a circle. If your head goes underwater, breathe out of your nose.

  • I don't know how much longer I'll be able to swim, a man at the pool with limited vision.

  • How do we swim?, Teacher

    Streamlined., Her two students

    (The teacher played a game with her students. Every time she said streamline they were to raise their arms straight up in the air.)

  • We’re going to rock and roll but only our shoulders.

    Same teacher re: the backstroke.

  • Instructor to kid on diving board: I need to see your toes. I need to see your toes. I see your toes.

    Kid then uses toes to head in the other direction.

  • Father to son, Number one: don't breathe too much...

  • Father to son: Streamline. One then the other. Never put both arms down at the same time. Any questions?

  • Father to son: You streamline with the backstroke too but instead of looking down, you look up.

  • Definition provided by recreation center: open swim means that the rec area, slide... and lazy river are available to children and adults for play.

  • What happiness do you have to report?


    1. I am amazed that you remember all that you overhear! lol :)

    2. What is that doohickey on your finger, a lap counter? I am always wondering what distance I have swum! Swam? Whatever! :)

    3. @TJ,

      I have a pretty good memory. Of late, my visual memory has been in overdrive. I'm afraid, though, that the visual part had to kick in because I'm a clutter bug.

      @The (not so) Reluctant Athlete,

      Yes, it's a lap counter. :)

      Prior to getting the lap counter, I owned two tally counters but I left them at some pool.

    4. i'd have to carry a notebook with me to remember all the things people say around me!
      i usually remember what my hubby says though because it's so random and weird.
      LOVE that you document these things :)

    5. Heather,

      I would be interested in seeing a post about the random and weird things that your husband says. :)

      I do carry around a notebook -- not expressly for that purpose of "Overheard" posts though.

      I was just thinking the other day that if someone could see some of the notes that I write, well, they might wonder about a few things...

    6. More great quotes!!! There's a story behind each one. It makes me wonder if we are seeing good moments of coaching/parenting or negative moments. Very thought-provoking!!!

    7. @fartygirl,


      Glad you found them thought-provoking. I really am amazed by some of things that I overhear.