Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Energizer or The Gospel According to My Yoga Teacher

  • Hold the posture but not the breathing.

  • Balance postures are good exercises for the mind.

  • I'm careful about what I put in my mouth and about what comes out of my mouth.

  • ...We only achieve balance in death.

  • It's a good idea to push yourself beyond your comfort zone but not to the point of pain....

  • The more you stretch, the more you relax...

  • Child's pose...good for the spine; good for the legs; good for relaxation.

  • Through the breathing, we energize the entire body.

  • Take a moment to feel the benefits of the practice. Feel the difference in the mind, body and emotions.

    Usually said after savasana...

  • I definitely felt the difference tonight. Since we were a small group, someone wanted to have fun and do Vinsyasa Flow. I don't know if it was fun but I was on point with the breathing.


    1. I like the "more you stretch, the more you relax" quote. I need to do both more frequently! Thank you for the birthday wishes.

    2. I left out the part where he compared relaxation to a rubber band that's been stretched many times and that's definitely my goal: to be as relaxed as a stretched rubber band. :)

      You're welcome...