Sunday, August 14, 2011

What's Hamlet Got To Do With It?

I got a notion to take my lead climbing test because I've been worried that they will take down the route that I've gotten familiar with. Plus, I just wanted to do it already.

Met Jessica and Patti then warmed up and announced my intention at the front desk so that a staff member would come over.

I did my little self-talking and breathing but I also knew there was no way to totally get rid of the nervousness.

Patti and I did safety checks then I announced that I was climbing.

It's almost impressive the way I fumble the first clip.

I totally blow past the second clip which I didn't even realize until I was told.

I forget that a climber is bouldering i.e. unprotected until you get the rope in the second precious clip. I go back to clip in the second one, don't realize that I've misstepped and slam into the rubbery floor before I know it.

Jessica, Patti and Trisha want to know if I'm okay -- if I need water etc. Patti, who was shaken up, asked me how my head felt. It happened so fast that I couldn't really assess the impact but I feel like my back took the brunt of it.

I took a few minutes to gather myself and got back up on the wall but, by then, the adrenaline was overflowing and not in my favor. Paranoid Troglodyte, which I've climbed numerous time, became foreign to me. I think I got out of sequence too. Let's just say that I didn't get my lead climbing tag.

Everyone was very supportive including Trisha, a staff member at the gym. She said I did well on my clipping and that's one of the hardest things to get down.

I just wanted to walk away so that I could cry. Since I've started CrossFit training, I've been emotional as all get out so it doesn't take much to turn on the waterworks right now. I checked my body and wondered why my arm was stinging. I got a little two inch rope burn as a souvenir...

Jessica, Patti and I packed up and headed out to the new gym to meet Leah and Mike for more climbing. I thought about taking a detour to go home and lick my wound but felt it was important to get right back on the wall. Otherwise...

Top Rope Climbing Is A Beautiful Thing

When Leah read Mind Over...Paranoid Troglodyte, she sent me this poem:

To backclip or not to backclip: That is the question
Whether 'tis nobler in mind to suffer
The slings and verbal arrows of Patti
Or to take slings and ropes against a sea of clips
And by clipping in to end the teasing....

To grunt and sweat under weary arms
The pangs of leading cleanly
That she herself might succeed
To wear a yellow tag named "Lead"
I think Leah was inspired to write more poetry today...

Leah a.k.a Frogger a.k.a. Leahspeare

Wearing new shoes for my test might not have been the best idea.

Like this picture of Jessica in the bouldering area. Looks like she has her hand in a cookie jar.



  1. Oy :(
    I'm sorry it didn't work out this time. You're going to totally nail that lead climbing tag next time. Good work getting right back on the wall!

  2. wow! so, how do you feel about that situation now? i hope you don't beat yourself up too much over it.
    cute poem!!

  3. @Mich & Heather,

    Thanks for being so supportive.


    I'm glad that I'm okay. My first thought was that I'm done with lead climbing but I'm not.

    I'll have to tell Leah that you think her poem is cute.

  4. !!!

    So sorry it didn't go well. You are allowed to cry if you want. But I'm glad you stayed and climbed some more. That was extremely brave and I'm sure the best thing to do. You'll get it next time - or should I dig up a list of famous people who failed the first (or tenth) time? :)

    Love the poem. You have awesome friends.

  5. gingersnapper,

    Thanks woman. I watched an episode of The Glades and this character said that he had to do something and the cop character said: No, you don't and the way he said it was simple but powerful. Thanks for reminding me that I'm allowed to cry. I spend so much time trying to hold "things" together that I forget that I am allowed.

    I also need a reminder sometimes to really appreciate what cool companions (cyber included) pals I have...

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