Monday, July 25, 2011

Hurting A Lot A Bit ... or ... Overheard Everywhere

  • Don't fight the water; move through it.

    Father to son at the pool

  • Grandma, I'm not Willie. I'm SuperEffenFreakingAwesomeDude.

    Child to Grandma who was sitting in the bleachers at the pool

  • Tell me again why these shoes are supposed to be tight?

    Son to Father at rock climbing gym

  • You can chicken sling it.

    Another climber's solution to the lack of bolts on a route at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch.

  • This wall is just beating me up.

    Climber attempting to ascend a 5.11 d route

  • It should only hurt a little bit. If it hurts a lot a bit then you need different shoes.

    One climber to his friend, a newbie.

  • Would you like coffee? Or tea?

    A climber to his friend who was stuck on a route.

  • No, no, you're not a man. You're 17; there's still a teen in there. You're not a man...

    A mother (who is usually in intense mode) to son

  • Burke: Thanks for not letting me down.

    Meghan: Well, we voted by committee and the answer was no.

    Burke: I just didn't see the sequence...

  • I want to practice falling.

    A young lady working on lead climbing
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