Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Gospel According to Kate

It's Tuesday and that means one thing -- Cardio and Muscle class led by Kate; it's the only exercise class that I attend.

Whenever there's a substitute, it gives me a whole new appreciation for how well-structured and smooth Kate's class is. There has never been any doubt of how well she delivers a butt-kicking.

I miss Kate when she's out but about 10 minutes into class, I question my sanity because that's the point when I start staggering or feel like I'm going to throw up or pass out. It's usually just a feeling though...

Without further ado, the gospel:

  • Sit it, tuck it, push it...lay it all out.

  • We're going to finish off the legs.

  • Definitely a double entendre if I ever heard one. Kate meant that we were going to move on to another part of the body but my legs were also done as in stick a fork in them -- after shuffling, hamstring curls, fast feet and platform-assisted one leg mountain climbers.

  • We're going to do three things. When I tell you to do it, do it.

  • Sports drill anyone? Fast feet with a quick turn to the left or right (kinda of like a defense basketball drill that coaches like to do) plus a burpee-like move and can't remember the third one since I was exhausted and barely moving.

  • Set that shoulder all the way down.

  • (Directive during a rather, um, challenging ab routine.)

  • Breathe, breathe, breathe.

  • Push, push. Push it.

  • Set it up and let it go.

  • (Chest fly directives)

  • Engage the core for the whole hour...

  • Make it work; make it count.

  • Push yourselves...

  • Everything faces the mirror.

  • You all forgot that I can see you in the mirror when you roll your eyes, she said as we locked eyes in said mirror.

  • Tuck it; stand up. Tuck it; stand up.

  • The movement is strong. All your movements are strong.

  • Pick 'em up.

  • (Instructions during fast feet and after legs have definitely been finished off.)

  • Remember to breathe.

  • If you're feeling good, higher modification...

  • Note: Kate has more gospel in her repertoire but it's hard to remember when the butt-kicking at hand requires concentration and the ability to access stamina reserves.

    What's your instructor's gospel? If you don't go to the gym for classes, what's your gospel?


    1. I am so afraid of Kate.

      My instructor's gospel is probably the P90X guy, Tony Horton. He's obviously in fantastic shape, he leads these kick-ass workouts, but his patter includes things like "I'm sweating now!" and "Wow that hurts!" and "Does that burn? It's SUPPOSED to!"

      It makes me feel better that he's suffering too, both for the cameraderie and because I don't trust a workout that the instructor obviously doesn't bother to do him/herself.

    2. God I need to start working out.

      Thanks for reminding me! LMAO

    3. @gingersnapper,

      You should be afraid of Kate; you're not safe even though you're hundreds of miles away. ;)

      I need to pull out Cardio X again -- haven't done it much and good points re: the camaraderie and trust.


      Hi. I'm glad that you got a reminder and a laugh. ;)

    4. My gospel is that I just push myself. If I don't remember that - I can get complacent.

    5. My Yoga Instructors all say, Are we sweating yet? Umm yeah!!

    6. @Diane

      I think that you definitely have to push yourself or no one else will; I have to remember that even when I'm in class but, usually, instructor and peer pressure is enough. ;)


      Rhetorical questions are so annoying, aren't they? ;)