Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Foot-Long Memories?

Me: I have brown rice.

My mother: I grew up eating white rice. You have a taste for what you grew up with...
What my mother said got me thinking. I really don't have anything that I crave from childhood probably because the kitchen table was the site where I tapped into my stubbornness when people tried to make me eat things that I did not want to eat.

I still have temperature, texture and visual issues to this day. Maybe I just have issues; I feel like that deserves and LOL and, yet, I'm hesitant to insert one.

I do have McDonald's memories and macaroni and cheese (my aunt's) memories. Candy corn, without fail, makes me think of my paternal grandfather which is funny because he used to grow greens and watermelons and whatnot but I associate him with a Halloween treat that he often purchased for the occasion...

This billboard has been up forever in my neighborhood. When I see it, I think, finally, truth in advertising.

Did you catch this Nightline segment about foot-long hamburgers?

Is there something food that you crave from childhood?


  1. My dad would make homemade popcorn (on the stove) and milkshakes (the real deal with milk and choc ice cream) on Saturday nights.

    And my mom still makes her Scalloped Potatoes and Ham for me whenever I visit.

  2. My mom is a queen-bee baker, and our freezer was stocked with muffins, scones, breads, everything! I ate PLENTY of it as a kid and don't need any more thankyouverymuch! :)

  3. This post is so funny to me, because my mother was a terrible cook! I ESCAPED the food from my childhood; I don't crave it. But there are a couple things I remember fondly - meatball sandwiches and cheese fondue. I'm not sure I would like them now, because they were straight-out-of-the-package recipes, but they were good then.

  4. I love that billboard! I didn't like most of my mom made, except for chocolate chip cookies. I make them on occasion.

  5. @Angela,

    The smell of popcorn still drives me crazy and ice cream too -- whether it's homemade or not.

    @The (not so) Reluctant Athlete,

    I enjoy baking more than I enjoy cooking but I haven't baked anything in a long time; it's definitely a danger zone for me.


    I love the notion of escaping food from childhood.

    I tried my best to channel Houdini when trying to discard food that I didn't want. Alas, the adults caught on to my many tricks.

    And, yeah, I remember a lot of *good then* foods too.


    Every time I see that billboard I think, yeah, if you drink too many large sodas, you will be large...

    I don't know how many dozens of chocolate chips cookies I baked and ate. There's nothing quite like a warm cookie straight out the oven which is why my oven is staying closed and cold. Just kidding. Kind of. ;)