Friday, November 12, 2010

Stuff I Like To Hear

  • Student massage therapist: You have muscles on top of muscles...

    Me (inside voice): Thank God; that explains the ten pound (three month) increase in weight.

    Student MT: I wish that I had 30 more minutes to work on your back.

    Me: (Vigorous laughter) Um, yeah, I wish you had 30 minutes too.

  • Me: Why do these things always happen to me? (regarding a colleague who gave a four day resignation)

    Friend (HC): As my mentor likes to tell me, it's not you; it's human nature.

  • Acquaintance: You look amazing. Do not lose any more weight; stay in the amazing business -- if you know what I mean. Okay, I'm going to stop before you think that I'm hitting you up for a loan.

    As we were leaving:

    Me: You don't have to walk this way.

    Acquaintance: Hey, don't try to monopolize all of the exercise.

    Me: (Chuckling)

  • Barber's mother: Look at you.

    Me: (I perform a 360 degree turn).

    Barber's mother: I'm talking to you; you've lost more weight. You don't even look like yourself anymore...

    What kind of stuff do you like to hear?

    1. WOW! sounds like all that hard work is REALLY paying off!
      that makes my heart smile for you.
      I'm so proud of you and i don't even really know you!!
      congrats :)

    2. Heather,

      From one cyber friend to another, thanks woman. You made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Do you frequently have the capability to bring on the fuzzies? If so, I’m moving to Seattle.☺

      I'm invested in the hard work but sometimes it feels like nothing is changing. So, it was good to get feedback from a few folks who hadn't seen me in a while...