Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Art of Being Called Out

You know that route in your sleep.
That's what Patti said as I walked towards Steller's, a 5.8 route.

The rightness of her statement made me walk over to Have Fun, Be Fun, a 5.9 route that I had tussled with before and that I really didn't want to have anything to do with. I wasn't able to climb halfway up and that route, by the way, was no fun at all.

While I was at it, I tackled Where The Beer Flows Like Wine, a 5.8 route that is quite, as Chris would say, burly.

I felt such a sense of accomplishment after taking on those routes and the next time that I tried Have Fun, Be Fun, I made it just a little bit further along.

Route Tally for Nov. 6th:

  • Kristin's Farewell, 5.8

  • Life in the Pack, 5.8

  • We (fear) the People, 5.8

  • Have Fun, Be Fun, 5.9 (rainbowed)

  • Photosystem, 5.9 (rainbowed)

  • Six Week Warrior, 5.9

  • P.S. Have, Fun, Be Fun still owns me but I keep going back for more...

    Is there something that you keep going back for more of?


    1. ha ha ha! "where beer flows like wine." classic Dumb and Dumber line :)
      What do i keep going back for more of.....weights. definitely weights. <3

    2. Let's see...yes! Jogging. I keep doing even though I hate roughly the first 15 to 20 minutes of it and on a bad day I can't run much more than 15 to 20 minutes anyway. I do it because it's mindless and I can think, zone, or listen to music.

    3. @Heather,

      I didn't even catch the reference; thanks for pointing that out. I know there's this one route setter that likes to use lines from Arrested Development. Otherwise, the names just seem eccentric a lot of the time.

      I need to be hanging out with you when you do your weight routine...


      The most that I've ever jogged has been for about two minutes -- so you're ahead of me. I'll be walking and suddenly get the urge to trot. Yeah, I think trot is more like it.

    4. Yup, easier Yoga classes. And now I know that I want the challenge more since I had my ashtanga handed to me yesterday.

    5. Does Patti have a blog? 'Cause I'm thinking she's the cool one.


      At the risk of sounding plebeian: "You go girl!"

    6. LOL, these routes must be from mapmyrun? Love the names! And good for you giving them a try, too. As for what I keep going back for...yeah, its those hilly routes. love/hate :)

    7. @Angela,

      I think that I told you; I watched that Ashtanga documentary and, wow, it looks like the body should not be able to contort that way...


      Thanks and I'll let Patti know that she needs to create a blog... :)

      @The (not so) Reluctant Athlete,

      Isn't it amazing how you can have a love/hate relationship with something?

      Way to go on the hilly routes...