Monday, August 6, 2012

They Make You Feel Strong...Introducing Kelli

Kelli's Strong Back...A Kettlebell Perk
It was just a matter of time before I asked Kelli if I could take pictures (and ask a few questions) because I love it when she does post-kettlebell asanas and I really love it when she lifts into bow pose.

In addition to admiring Kelli's asanas, I also admire her fierceness. There were times when I staggered or whined from fatigue and wanted to stop swinging my kettlebell but knew that if I looked in Kelly's direction, I'd get inspired to dig deeper...

'Drea: How long have you been practicing kettlebell?

Kelli: I have been practicing kb for almost 2 years. I started it as something to do in the fall/winter and to add to running and playing Camogie for strength/weight training. I have since developed a tendon injury in my ankle (40 years of playing sports finally got to me) and I cannot really run anymore and have stuck with it. It is great cardio and little/no impact. I also really gravitate towards group fitness classes.

'Drea: What's your favorite kettlebell move?

Kelli: Do you really have to ask this one? Turkish Get Up and the snatch. :)

'Drea: What's been the most challenging kettlebell maneuver?

Kelli: It took me forever to really become good at the snatch. I am not sure if it was that I really had a deficient muscle group or whatever but it was so frustrating! It is one of the best exercises and really important to be good at for a good practice.

'Drea: How long have you been practicing yoga?

Kelli: Regular forms of yoga on on off for a very long time but last December I did my 1st Bikram class in FL with my sister-in-law and didn't hate it or die from it. :) I kept going and continued when I got back to St. Louis, 1st with Bikram but then moved to Prana for their Hot classes and have been going there since. I love it there! Awesome teachers and a great facility.

Kelli in Bow Pose

'Drea: What's your favorite pose?

Kelli: Um, I would say my "best" poses are the Spine Strengthening Series and anything with flexibility like Standing Separate Leg or Standing Separate Head to Knee but my favorites are the Triangle/Warrior type poses I think, they make you feel strong. My least favorite is Salabhasana/Locust, I fight that one big time. :)

'Drea: Any particular Olympic event capturing your attention?

Kelli: I am an Olympic junky winter/summer, I watch it all. It is fun to see crazy sports you never see any other time (luge/bobsled, rowing, archery, fencing, etc) but I find myself watching sports I played a lot also...there is nothing I won't watch!


  1. That makes me to anxious to get back to working out! I want to be able to move my muscles again!

  2. after sitting in this office chair all day and then seeing Kelli's bow pose, I wish I could bow pose RIGHT NOW!!! Must also buy some kettlebellls. It's time.

  3. @Sara/titlelessblog,

    You're already over one of the biggest hurdles -- wanting to move. ;)

    @Yum Yucky,

    I so feel you. There are days when I want to do tree pose, plank or something while I'm in my office...

    I hope that you do get a kettlebell; they're worth the investment.