Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Bit Untied

Made myself roll over and out before I really wanted to but glad that I pulled myself together in time to make 11:00 a.m. yoga – especially since it was Pure Yoga’s last day to substitute.

She did her usual preamble:
May all beings everywhere be happy and free….And may our practice on the yoga mat contribute to all beings' happiness...Shanti/Peace
It was a great class and the perfect way for me to start my day. Love the body yawn -- simply achieved by stretching your arms overhead and pointing your toes.

We did an inclined plank and, in my opinion, a plank is a plank is a plank.

Pure yoga had us do shoelace pose but my shoelaces were a bit untied.

Savasana was sweet.
Sometimes you have to slow down to get strong…There’s no reason to hold onto anything...You have access to this state of relaxation all the time.

Gloria also talked about the joy of acceptance and gratitude. Don't know about you but I feel way more grateful after practicing yoga.

Also went climbing and my fingers, quads and toes are thanking me right now.

Kristen Demonstrating How We All Felt at End of Climbing Day

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