Sunday, April 17, 2011

Overheard At A Florida Pool

Vacationer: Oh yes, there is a God -- maybe many.

Thank you God. Thank you Goddess.

(Woman as she got into and glided in the pool.)

Vacationer's Husband: Don't mind us; we're just trying to relax. It usually takes about three days to...

Me: And you should relax...

* * *

People have asked me what the best part of my vacation was. Besides spending time with a friend and having time to decompress, gonna have to say a little bit of this:

A little bit of that:



When I was at Ft. DeSoto Park, I sat up at the precise time that a dolphin took a leap through the air. Amazing. I had gone on an excursion that guaranteed dolphin sightings. Only, the dolphins were quite shy that day. At Ft. DeSorto, the dolphins were feeding on what the fishermen threw back. I tried so hard to get a picture but the sun was blocking the view. Finally, I got this footage. As you can see, the sun was wreaking havoc with the camera but the footage is still pretty good...