Monday, April 4, 2011

What To Wear On The Plane

What is it about readying for vacation that correlates with an increase in tasks at work?

I've been thinking about the things I use during the course of a day and other creature comforts that I want to take.

I had a dream once about leaving my camera behind. I was headed to the airport when I realized it, tried to get back home but the only mode of transportation was a canoe and it was slow going and I was never going to make the flight because I was stuck in the water.

I'm also searching for engaging but light reading. Jessica suggested The Hunger Games, a young adult book that, apparently, appeals to adults. Every copy that the library owns is out and I'm not supposed to buy any more books (an agreement that I made with myself).

Right about now, I wish that I had an iPod Touch and Kindle and I wish that I was less antsy about how much to take. What can be worn twice? Sandals, tennis and/or casual shoes? How much workout attire?

I'm scoping out places to eat and to exercise. Trying to remember which bills are due before I return.

Hopefully, I'll be less nervous soon even though I feel like I didn't do enough research regarding the place that I'm going to.

I'm trying to tell myself to chill out, a state that you definitely want to be in on the cusp of vacation time.

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