Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Overheard At The Gym, II

  • If you turn that equation (photosynthesis) around, it's combustion. Chris (one of my climbing partners)

  • Stuck Climber: I don't know what to do.

  • Belayer: Keep going up.

  • Less blood in the feet, more blood in the hands. A climber that I was sitting next to; we sighed after taking our rock climbing shoes off.

  • I have a lot of vacation time but not a lot of money. (new, gray-eyed) Mike's assessment on the beauty and cheapness of climbing outdoors.

  • After I got caught blatantly reading the back of someone's t-shirt with tea etiquette quotes.

  • My friends and I went camping and someone brought The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde. We took turns reading in a British accent; it was so much fun.

  • Belayer: What are you doing?

  • Climber (on a 5.10 route): I don't know.

  • Climber: Oh, sh@t. Take!

  • Lead Climber: I hate falling.

  • Belayer: Then don't fall; keep on climbing.

  • Voilà.... F#%@.... Voilà.... Nice... (Two climbers who talk, primarily, in French but like to drop bombs in English.)

    1. Cursing in other languages is cool, but few words have the perfection of the eff word.

    2. @gingersnapper,

      It's amazing that a lot of people go for learning the curse words first.

      *The perfection of the eff* sounds like it should be a title...


      That's what I've been telling myself of late. Maybe that should be my new mantra -- never give up...