Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Overheard Everywhere

  • I see the answer to our question -- Bordeaux.

    Woman to man in grocery store...

  • Once you start treating me bad, forget it. I dig in and, boy, do I dig in.

  • I wear two suits and shorts for a better workout.

    One of my colleagues who is a swimming machine; she does a mile in 35 minutes -- 39 minutes on a slow day.

  • It was broken at the radial head. It was hurting mid-shaft...I kept thinking that I was a baby...

    I didn't go to the ER because I'm an ER nurse and ER nurses don't go to the ER.

    Wasn’t that the stupidest thing?

    Nurse reluctant to go to hospital after slipping on a black walnut and falling. Her arm was broken in two places – at wrist and at radial head (near elbow); she even chided herself for how she fell since she instinctively put her hand out to brace her fall…

  • Woman: You know Pat from SNL?

    Me: Yeah, Androgynous Pat.

    Woman: Only I'm more masculine than androgynous. I always thank God that I look feminine. Otherwise, I'd be in trouble.

  • My heart hurts. I think I'm going to die very soon., A colleague

  • I'm going to risk it and, if I get the flu, frankly, I could use the days off.

    After an announcement that flu shots were being given at work...

  • When I go out to drink coffee, I don't drink coffee.

    Overheard at Work...

  • Everybody's so stressed out. It's just another day. You can't stress out about everything.

    At work...

  • Ugh, no, I don't eat grilled bananas -- that's the other Africans.

    A colleague after someone described preparing grilled bananas...

  • Yeah, closing the barn door after the horse is gone.

    Re: post-theft modified behavior (overheard at work)...

    1. I LOVE it!!

      One day I was waiting for a plane to leave and I sat near a couple who were heading up a group going to the Caribbean. They said horrible things about everyone, but as the people arrive, they were sweet as pie. I wanted to tell on them and say, that's not what they said just an hour ago!!

    2. Angela,

      You should have told on them. ☺

      Having two faces is not cool...