Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Gospel According to Pure Yoga

Gloria a.k.a. Pure Yoga has a peaceful aura about her but, at the end of class, her face is even more serene as she gives a four-Namaste salute -- nodding to every area of the classroom...Yoga practice was a struggle as my hamstrings and just about everything else screamed at me but I don't regret rolling out my mat and can't wait to do it again...

  • May all beings be happy and free...Shanti. (Pure Yoga's usual invocation at the start of class.)

  • Make the pose comfortable. (Timely advice as I struggled with Downward Facing Dog)

  • Don't compromise the neck...

  • If you have big lats, this (eagle arms) may be a problem.

  • The aerial leg should be...

  • Your mind lives in your body so if you feel...

  • You clear the mind when you rest your eyes. (Gloria had us warm up our hands by rubbing them together then placing them over the eyes.)

  • Spread the chest, sink into the heels... (During Downward Facing Dog)

  • Most people only breathe from their chests. In yoga, you have an opportunity to explore the full capacity of your lungs...

  • Move the breath throughout the body especially during difficult poses. Most people have a tendency to hold their breath when the pose is difficult...

  • Favorite song on yoga playlist right now...


    1. Your session sounds very soothing. I'm pretty sure my hammies would be screaming too 'Drea. Love the music...would like to massage to that!

    2. That yoga session was very nice...Also, I wouldn't mind getting a massage while listening to the Yoshida Brothers. :)

    3. Heeeeyyyyy! so true about the breath. my favorite thing is the three part breath. it forces me to focus on the three parts of my breathing, and it's so much harder to get lost, start thinking about deserted islands and sex with good-looking strangers. HA!

      Keep the eye within. YES. :-)

    4. @Farty Girl,

      I think you can go where you want to -- as long as you're breathing. :)