Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Hours: Rock Climbing Edition

Some of the Clocks at Upper Limits Depicting the Time in Climbing Areas
Managed to get myself out of bed and make it to Cindy's 9:30 a.m. yoga class in the park. It's pretty cool looking up at the sky and trees while getting your asansas on. Went to run errands after yoga then met up with Cindy, Kristen and Tim for climbing. Afterwards, as I headed to get food, I realized that we had spent four hours in the climbing gym. Now, it’s not unusual to clock two or three hours in the gym but we stretched things out today. I often sing a line from Culture Club’s Time (Clock of My Heart):
Because time won’t give me time…
But I didn’t mind spending that time in the gym because, frankly, it’s a relief not to be sitting down for a huge chunk of the day at work and we’ve all heard how damaging sitting can be even if you’re active.

Kristen About to Hoist Herself Over Bouldering Wall

Cindy & Kristen
I just finished watching Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. I liked it when one of the experts said that we’re not chasing animals anymore and we’re not running away from them – although we eat as if we are doing just that. So, yeah, even though we’re not chasing animals it felt good to chase a few climbing routes.

Plus, it was a fun climbing session. We watched fearless children climbing the walls and smiling as they did. We watched a couple position a SUV stroller on the climbing floor then later got a kick out of the stroller baby who happily waved all of his or her limbs. We worked together and cheered each other on.


  1. Ok I will finally watch this doc. But I am not promising I will give up my pizza habit! It looks like a very inspiring film.

    :-) great fun climbing with you yesterday! Time flies...

    Thanks for coming to outdoor yoga! I adore surprises!

  2. It is an inspiring film and, while I don't think I'll do the 30 day juice thing, I am motivated to dig in deeper on the exercise front AND to clean up my diet...

    I loved the look on your face when you realized it was me. Or, was that a look of disbelief that I was actually awake at that time? :)

  3. I climbed this weekend with MY fearless child...

  4. I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead last year and I thought it was great. It was every bit as good as Super Size Me, but didn't get anywhere near the press. I also liked how they men stayed on the vegan/juice plan longer than just the filming.

  5. @Miz,

    Glad that you got to hit the climbing gym with your fearless one -- know that you've wanted to climb the walls again.


    I think it was just as good too. I was all kinds of impressed with both men.

  6. hey drea!!! i had NO idea you worked out so much! yoga AND CLIMBING in the same day. you must be buff as hell. :-)

    did you like fat sick and nearly dead? i've thought about watching it. but the trailer looked very self explanatory to me. like - i didn't feel like i had to watch the movie after i saw the trailer.

    you know a lot about food and health and stuff - did you feel like you gained any new knowledge from that flick? cos if you endorse it, i'll head straight over to netflix to get my juice on! :-)

    nice culture club reference too! what's up with george always talking about time?

    'give me time toooooo realize my crime...'


  7. Farty Girl,

    Yes, I am a bit fanatical about exercising and, lucky me, I enjoy being in motion -- most of the time.

    You should feel my arms! ;)

    I won't say that I learned anything earth-shattering in Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead but I tend to need frequent back-up and motivation which inspires me to get back on the straight in narrow or to amp up my regimen because I do have my moments when I need to be reminded about the importance of what I'm doing...