Monday, July 16, 2012

Double Your "Fun"

Sitting Against the Wall Trying to Gather Myself
Oh. My. God.

Marisa had us do stations for the bulk of kettlebell class  last time. Today was doublemint day. Armed with two kettlebells, we did a set: swing-clean-squat-press 10 x's. Apparently, I clean a little better when I have two kettlebells; go figure.

Mind you, I was pretty much done after the warm-up but sometime after the "10 circuit," we did the Turkish Get-up four times on the right, 40 swings, TGU four times on the left side (for balance and all) then 40 more two-hand swings.

Oh yeah, there was supposed to be a push-up in that 10 series but Marisa saw that I was already punch-drunk and struggling and she wanted me to concentrate on cleans. As I finished with eight swings, cleans, squats and presses, Marisa saw that I was even more dazed and walked me through the final two reps. Um, thanks, I think...

After the Turkish Get-ups and 80 swings, there was more swinging to do. Marisa had the nerve to pull the mind over matter card. I swear, I wanted to crawl into a corner and whimper. Gonna be interesting trying to roll out of bed tomorrow.


  1. You are one tough lady! I started thinking about lifting weights to help out my climbing ...but haven't acted on it yet. The hardest part is getting to he gym right? Or like you said rolling outta bed the next day!!

    How about a lavender salt soak? And a motrin...

    Hang in...the hard work is paying off! You look marvelous darling!

  2. Hope you're not too sore today! Thankfully you have a good trainer that guided you instead of pushed you beyond your limits. :)

  3. @Kini,

    Thanks woman...

    You looked awful strong to me when you did elephant's trunk pose...


    Surprisingly, I wasn't too sore...Marisa is a good trainer. While she didn't push me over, she certainly pushed me to the limit.