Tuesday, January 18, 2011

(More) Stuff People Say To Me

  • We all have something going on. I just try to keep my face off the floor., Onetime play mother that I unexpectedly ran into.

  • It's always good. If it's not good, I'll make it good., A colleague

  • My friend (Lori): Why do you have a bottle of cooking wine in your bedroom?

    Me: Because it didn't make it to the pantry????????

  • Cousin: Are you still working out seven days a week?

    Me: I rest on Friday.

    Cousin: So this has become a way of life?

    Me: Yes.

  • Bosnian one: I feel bad that you are not taking anything (sweet).

    Bosnian two: See what you're doing to these Bosnians?

  • You got them in and that's what counts.

    Swimming lane neighbor about my 20 slow laps.

  • I was waiting for you., Lifeguard

    The last time I had seen the guard, my quiet entrance made her jump about three feet in the air.

  • Anonymous: I had a therapeutic massage.

    Me: Silent but wondering about the emphasis on therapeutic...

  • Colleague: I would love to take a couple of weeks off.

    Me: What would you do?

    Colleague: I would clean, play with my dog, read, make yogurt.

    Me: I have news for you; everyone wants those same two weeks off. I would skip the yogurt part though.

  • Your back is bigger. Is that from swimming? Rock climbing?, My Mother

  • Did anyone see Please Give? There's this one character who makes snide remarks about her ex's girlfriend and she's fond of mentioning that the new girlfriend has a big back which caught my attention because I've always had a big back and it is probably bigger now. But who cares? It works fabulously...


    1. I don't know if your back is big or not, but I've seen in your photos that it's beautiful.

    2. gingersnapper,

      Okay, you just seriously made my day. I need your address so that I can send you flowers or drive over and hug you. :)

    3. I thought that was an awesome comment, too: " . . . because I've always had a big back and it is probably bigger now. But who cares? It works fabulously...".

      YES!!!! A strong and functional back is a beautiful thing!

    4. Laura I.,

      I have to remind myself that strong and functional is beautiful. I think that I'm getting the hang of it (appreciation) though...