Saturday, January 8, 2011

Stuff People Give Me

'Tis the season. Okay, it's kinda over but folks still have outside decorations and lights up. Some of the stuff people gave me was because of The Season and some of the stuff was because I was being thought of...

Exhibit A:

Gift from The Silver Cat

Exhibit B:

My Aunt Girt gave me these spicy peanuts. She got them from the Farmers' Market.

Exhibit C:

From a colleague who was shopping in a hurry and picked up an L. I was tickled pink because, before, L's were iffy. Now, I can pretty much wear a universal L. Really, it's the little things that make me happy. ☺

Exhibit D:

My friend's niece sent these my way. :o, Belgian chocolates used to make me weak in the knees.

Three pieces will set you back 220 calories. With 15 g of saturated fat, no wonder they taste so good.

Exhibit E:

Joy Cup

Contents of Joy cup

Exhibit F:

Spontaneously Given

Exhibit G:

A friend of my aunt's gave her sunflowers from her yard. My aunt boiled the seeds in salt water...

Have you gotten any interesting stuff lately? Hope that you're enjoying Saturday.


  1. I love earrings and got 3 pair as Christmas gifts. Love them. I need to take a photo.

  2. those are some interesting gifts. :) YUM to the peanuts & the seeds! Nice undies. lol

  3. I love the earrings, also the undies and champagne!

    I already showed the bracelet my husband gave me, but there was also a pair of earrings. And SOCKS.

  4. I love those earrings! And the peanuts sound delicious! But those sunflower seeds....yum! I should try my green thumb (or lack thereof!) on sunflowers next summer...I love them!!! :)

  5. Cute and delicious treats people gave you!! I'm sorry I've been absent - trying to balance all of this. My best gift this year was a down coat. So toasty and actually cute!

  6. @purple_moonflower123,

    Glad that you got earrings that you love for Christmas. I have quite the collection so it's kind of funny that I wear silver hoops on a daily basis. Gotta remind myself to mix it up.


    Haven't tried the sunflower seeds yet but I'm really digging the spicy peanuts. And the underwear? LOL, I got to postpone washing for at least one day, :)


    Yes, I saw your fancy bracelet -- very cool. Now, I wanna see the socks.

    @Nicole, RD,

    I have faith in your green thumb. I know you can do it. ;)


    The coat sounds great. I've been looking for something very warm but no luck yet.

    Re: the absence, I figured you were busy since I saw that you hadn't posted in a while. Hope things are balancing out.