Monday, January 24, 2011

Old Stomping Grounds

The scale is moving south -- about 3.5 pounds or so but I'm not doing any cartwheels because, first and foremost, I don't want the number on the scale to dictate my mood.

I want to concentrate on how good my body feels minus a few tweaks here and there. I haven't had a cold in ages and I'm hoping that trend continues despite the fact that my immediate coworker is taking antibiotics etc. right now and every other person sounds like they have whooping cough.

In addition, I feel like I'm on old stomping grounds. I lost weight when I was in Las Vegas and between August and December, I mysteriously gained 15 pounds. So, I still have some ground to make up but the scale doesn't make me moody like it used to and that's progress.

I was telling Hazira that maybe my body type is just chunky but I remembered something Dr. Oz wrote or said. He suggested looking at a high school picture to gauge your weight.

As a child, I wasn't chunky. I did put on a significant amount of weight in high school until I shed it playing basketball.

I have no idea what I weighed in this photo because I didn't keep track of that kind of thing back then but I was definitely not chunky. So, I'm gonna have to stop saying that chunky is my natural body type.

I even had my shirt tucked in -- something that I didn't do for decades because when I got bigger, I never wore anything tight and I didn't wear belts either.

And the posing? I definitely don't do that anymore...

How's your journey going or what's going on in your corner of the world?


  1. The feeling good part is a real treasure--sometimes hard to appreciate till you're not feeling so good!

    I do the same thing re: chunky body type when I really shouldn't. I look at pictures from high school and there's nothing out of the ordinary with my body that some solid weight training and consistent cardio could have fixed. Positive spin would be to say you look healthy or vibrant--even sturdy is better than chunky! (Sad thing in our culture that sturdy might be considered undesirable, anyway . . . . )

  2. yay for not getting sick!! super huge benefit right there. i haven't been SICK sick in so long. I've had days where I'm like, "uh oh...i feel like my body is getting sick," so i just pray and rest and try to go about my day normally. the next day-voila. all better.
    congrats on the weight continuing to go down. i know it's a significant indicator of your efforts. hopefully in the end, it will be more about body composition than weight-know what i mean?
    like-i weigh about the same as i did as a freshman in high school, but my shape and muscle to fat ratio is SOOOO different. i'm much firmer, tighter, and stronger now even though weight is similar.
    keep doing your thing lady! :)

  3. Oh, I was quite zaftig in high school; just look in my About post and you'll see. But as fat as I thought I was then, I'd love to have that body now!

  4. @Laura I.,

    It usually takes pain to make me realize how incredible the absence of pain feels.

    Thanks for reframing that whole chunky verbiage.


    Great points -- especially about being firmer, tighter and stronger; I'm enjoying all those aspects of the new body but sometimes I forget to concentrate on those things. ;)


    I gotta go check out your About post again because I don't remember the zaftig high school thing...