Sunday, January 2, 2011

Then Soak

Walgreens had Epsom Salt on sale and I went to grab a bag because, like hummus or Steamfresh vegetables, I like to have it at hand. Imagine my delight when I discovered that they were six pound bags; I stocked up. It was such a little thing but it made me happy. Crazy, I know.

When I went climbing, I noticed that my index finger (left hand), pinkie finger (right hand), hip (left side) and ankle (right leg) are all sore. I have no idea how they became sore. I do, however, know why my fingertips are sore -- back-to-back climbing. In addition, there is the on-again off-again shoulder tweak.

I am starting to feel like Allen Iverson.

Okay, I'm not that banged up.

There was a really nice article about Iverson's toughness but I can't find it. I do like how USA Today described him as being generously listed at 6-0, 165 pounds. In addition, Iverson said that his football background prepared him for the contact he got when driving lanes filled with seven footers.

Hmmm, guess what I'm telling myself is to suck it up -- then soak.


  1. I hope your fingers start to feel better soon.

    P.S. I looooove me some hummus. So yum!

  2. Chubby McGee,

    Thanks. My fingers feel better and I figured out where some of the soreness came from. I run into things and I forget until I run into something else...

    I eat so much hummus that I should probably start making my own. I'm with you; I absolutely love it. Right now, red roasted is my favorite flavor.

  3. A woman who buys Epsom Salts in bulk is a woman after my own heart! You can never have too much of that wonderful stuff.

  4. @Laura I.,

    I'm so with you. I don't like to be caught without the good stuff. ;)