Saturday, August 18, 2012

You're Going to Need A Bigger Towel or Overheard in the Gym

  • It's going to be interesting riding a motorcycle after this... Man in climbing gym

  • You're going to need a bigger towel. Cindy to two newbies who brought hand towels for Hot Yoga.

  • If you find something beyond your reach, step up. David to someone who had just finished Rock Climbing 101

  • Just think of it as climbing meditation. Kristen to Cindy

  • Kristen -- Thinking About It...

  • The arête is a rut... Kristen

  • You look so easy from the bottom. Cindy to the Zen Garden route.

  • Cindy Tackling the Tornado Simulator Route

  • Dad, stop worrying. A kid reassuring his non-climbing dad that he was properly attached to auto-belay.

  • Hippie bath... Cindy's stance on our debate about whether to shower before or after climbing.

  • Dad, he wants to be belayed...

  • I don’t ever want to get on a slackline again. A male youngin who had been vertical but took a sudden seated position on the slackline.

    1. Ha! Greatest collection of quotes!!

      Have a terrific week, do lots of yoga and don't forget to engage that "Matlock"!


    2. Out of all the locks, the Matlock is the most important. ;)

      Off to a good start so far with yoga. Hope that you are too...

    3. LOL. So many people do bring tiny towels to Hot Yoga. They have no idea two bath towels may not even be enough.

    4. @gingerzingi & Mary T,

      Yeah, people have no idea just how big of a towel etc. they're going to need for HY. ;)