Saturday, April 23, 2011

...Because I'm Sweaty or Overheard At The Gym, V

  • People overvalue free.

    A man having a discussion with a friend.

  • Last time we went (climbing), we had a vegetarian with us. Ugh, we had to make sure that every restaurant we stopped at had vegetarian options. The rest of us were, like, eating meat all the time.

    Heard during locker room conversation.

  • Anonymous: Are you going to do that route again?

    Jeremy: No, my wrists hurt.

    Dane: I have a bucket of excuses; you want another one?

  • I scheduled all of my classes around climbing. Isn't that nice?, Dane

  • Your toes should not be flat but they should not be curled either.

    One friend to another discussing impending rock climbing shoe purchases

  • Female Climber on Auto Belay (to her partner): What are you doing?

    Partner: Bouldering.

    Climber to Third Party: So, if he kills himself, that means I'm single?

  • That was mucho sexy.

    One climber to another who had just ascended this new 5.11 route

  • She stopped taking her medicine and decompensated...

    Overheard in locker room

  • You're looking stable.

    Bruce to Dave as Dave started lead climbing a route

  • I can't because I'm sweaty.

    A Boy Scout and newbie climber's answer to someone trying to convince him to continue his ascent. He was about 3/4 of the way up a route but struggling.

    1. I love these "overheard" posts! I hope the Boy Scout managed okay... :)

    2. The (not so) Reluctant Athlete,


      The Boy Scout did just fine after his brief crisis. ;)