Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Body In The Sunset

I know that I'm not the first person to have vacation-related epiphanies but I saw the light about a few things. I love it when you have solid time to quiet the mind.

My suitcase weighed 28 pounds and I still took too much. What was I thinking when I packed so many socks and underwear? I wore half the clothes and read half the magazines; I took two and actually did read the second part of the first one and all of the second one on the return flight.

I didn't listen to my MP3 player entranced as I was by the seagulls and sound of the water.

To the lady who stopped her car to ask for directions -- the roundabout is not a good place for that. Having said that, my GPS is one purchase that I have never regretted. I hope that roundabout lady gets one soon.

And one of the biggest lessons learned was patience.

I tried so hard to get pictures of pelicans when I visited The Pier in St. Petersburg. I was completely fascinated by them and was thrilled when one dive bombed into the water and, later, one perched close enough to capture.

And that body in the sunset? I realized how hard I worked for it and, even though I'm not finished working on it, I'm proud. Please feel free to remind me of this feeling at a later date...

P.S. Laura, do you know the name of this tree???

The Fascinating Waterfowl


  1. Looks like a good old "live oak"! Complete with drapery of Spanish moss.

    Love the picture with the body moving in the sunset:-)

  2. Re: the photo, thanks. Thanks also for being my tree expert. ;)

    I just googled Spanish moss ( and found out that it’s also called Florida moss, long moss or graybeard. Also read that it’s not even a true moss. I kind of like Florida moss and, OMG, the drapery makes those trees look so captivating.

  3. Yes! Spanish Moss a variety of what we used to call an "air plant--" kind of like a tree parasite (lovely, eh?)

    It's funny--I've heard people say that before about how cool they think it is and all I can think about is its texture and the fact that it usually seems to be full of chiggers:-)

    You have seen the ones that sort of look likea jester's hat"-)

    No problem. Those big old live oaks are a staple of the South (not just FL). Tallahassee was actually famous for a couple of what they called "canopy roads," or old main roads that were basically covered with a vast canopy of tree limbs, consisting largely of the live oaks:-)

    Wish you could have seen a banyan tree when you were there--we had some cool ancient ones in Sarasota--very gnarly and against the "Western" idea of "tree" . . . .

  4. and apparently I can neither type or spell today . . . .

  5. @Laura,

    The Spanish moss really does look elegant but when I read that information, I do remember it saying that it could cause the host tree to die.

    The first time I heard someone mention chiggers. I was like chigge...what?

    I just looked at a picture of a Banyan tree and it does look pretty cool.

    I hope that you get to visit your old stomping grounds...

    P.S. I know that, 99.9% of the time, you're a champion speller. ;)