Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Hope Not

At a lost for something to watch, I checked out my Netflix recommendations and clicked on Body of War. Let's just say that the documentary was not ideal viewing for Saturday. I should have taken a clue from the title, hunh?


Young man sees President Bush stand on a pile of rubble, signs up for military, gets sent to Iraq and five days into deployment, gets shot in the spine. I have to say that I didn't think about other ramifications of being paralyzed -- like the meds. In addition to being on Coumadin and anti-depressants etc., the young man has problems regulating his body temperature and, when outside, has to wear a vest with ice packs in them.

Most memorable line: I look at people walking down the street and I get jealous.

* * *

Before I jetted off to Florida, I made a mad dash to the library. I went to pick up one book but came out with two and after reading several pages of both books, went with The Memory Keeper's Daughter.

This part made me think of Hazira:

Caroline did not like Leo March -- he was not likable -- but whatever animosity she held for him was complicated by compassion. (100)
I had the pleasure of going to two libraries while in Florida. *

Cool Temporary Library Card

Clearwater's Cool Main Library

Hazira waiting for me outside of Beach Library

In Ikea -- starting to think she likes this position

Ikea map because you're gonna need it

*Okay, I think that I might have Florida out of my system. On the other hand, I hope not...

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