Friday, January 20, 2012

I Need Some Fake Exercises or (More) Gospel from Hazira, A Special Friday Night Birthday Edition

  • How do I take care of these (thighs)?

    I'm not doing anything that hurts.

    I need some fake exercises.

  • That's so Bosnian...

  • You'll be talking to your organs soon.

    Hazira to me re: my increasing interest in acupressure et al.

  • The heart sends out the strongest waves...

  • I'm telling you; it's all about balance.*

  • I wouldn't wish someone's mother dying in another country on my worst enemy.

  • Something is going to please you.

    After I put my coat on backwards...

  • I am so impressed with those people who never give up.

    Commentary while watching Conviction.

  • Rugala Se Ruga Pa Postala Druga.

    Rough translation: You become what you laugh at... Hazira made this comment after I told her that I had bought four boxes of Annie's Homegrown Bunnies and almond butter not realizing that I already had reserves at home. I usually chuckle at her impressive food inventory.

  • Please call my soul cell.

    Freudian slip?

  • And the class will have lots of civil people and you like civil people.

    Hazira after I told her that I was thinking about taking a Healing Touch class.

  • *Balance is the key to optimal mental health. Dr. Miranda Baten on The Erica Hill Experiment


    1. Birthday edition? Was it just your birthday! Happy belated birthday!

      And, yes, I would totally tell people to call my soul, aka, iPhone but I haven't converted it yet. #sad.

    2. @Titleless,

      I got a little carried away with the title so it's a little misleading but it was Hazira's birthday. I'll transfer the birthday greetings to her. :)