Monday, January 2, 2012

Heels and Toes Together

Lest you think that I've gone completely cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs when it comes to Hot Yoga and that's all that I do now, I attended my first spinning class yesterday. I know that I'm in trouble when I start watching the clock and I'm so glad that the sampler class was for 45 minutes. I do have to say that it feels good when sweat is rolling down my nose et al. and I definitely want to take another spinning class. I got the good life t-shirt from the Y's Open House where I took the spinning class. At first I turned it down because I really don't need another t-shirt but I really liked the design...

When I arrived at the Hot Yoga studio today, Dr. Barbie asked me if I had made a New Year's resolution to do yoga every day. I told her that that wasn't quite my resolution but it must have been a lot of other folk's resolution because the morning class was jam-packed.

Got to experience a fourth teacher, Rita, who said Happy New Year a couple of times but it was all about the tone and which pose we were at when she said it. I was like, yeah, Happy New Year to you too. She did do a little serious talk about how we were starting off the New Year right.

Those Hot Yoga instructors are serious about mountain pose but Rita was really serious. She kept reminding us to put our heels and toes together when it was time for mountain.

There is this woman with a CrossFit body in class. You're not supposed to be looking around but I couldn't help but notice how effortlessly she held a plank after my own had collapsed a mere 10 seconds into a 60 second situation.

When we did camel and looked back at the wall, Rita said that we were partially closing the carotid and it felt like it but doing camel was not the only time that I had trouble breathing. It's all practice, though, and I'm getting better at the whole breathing thing.

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