Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Hips Are The Engine

Missed three Sundays worth of kettlebell practice because I slept in one Sunday and because of the holidays.

Class was packed.

As we warmed up, Mike reminded us that the hips are the engine for all kettlebell moves. He also told Charlie that he was a very lucky man to be in a class full of kettlebell women.

Mike did his usual. He broke off the newbies and left the more experienced kettlebellers in another circle. The woman in charge caught me when I was doing the clean. As soon as she mentioned like a zipper, I remembered practicing it with Mike.

When the groups merged, Mike went for the final blow while Nelly came on the playlist. And, yeah, it was "hot in there."

After class, Barbara said I heard you singing; it does help, doesn't it?...

Chased kettlebell class with rock climbing. I had so much energy that I was practically bouncing. David, who is new to our group, had me laughing. He said that you all are the most polite group of rock climbers: Lower me. Please. Belay for me. Please. He said that his crew never rolled like that...

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