Tuesday, February 22, 2011

(Even More) Stuff People Say To Me

  • I had forgotten. I don't remember you being that big; that must have been when you were at your biggest. Don't do that anymore.

    One of my colleagues after she came across a picture of me from a luncheon that we attended years ago.

  • You were wearing black; that didn't help. You know, you were just you then but now I notice the difference., Same coworker after more old pictures surfaced

  • Where did you get that from (ying yang pendant) and why are you wearing it?, Acquaintance

  • Since you're athletic..., Another Acquaintance

  • You were a good subject. Thank you., Student massage therapist.

  • Slopers are just good for finding the next foothold.

    Tim and I arrived at the climbing gym at the same time one day. We climbed together and since he was rocking the 5.11+'s, I picked his brain.

  • OCD...Jeremy's quiet comment to me after I inquired again about how many routes he had climbed. I like to count routes and, apparently, I like to know if other people are counting too.

  • You can make your own hummus. (Said by several people)

  • You're so secretive. I'm like a river. I just flow. I say everything..., Colleague

  • Beautician (watching as I get my hair cut): I want to cut my hair but I've been growing it out.

    My Barber: Maybe you can cut it for the summer. I've been doing her hair for about eight years now.

    Me: I think about growing it out every now and then but then I immediately change my mind.

    My Barber: I keep expecting her to come in and ask for highlights.

    Me: My hair is too short for highlights.

    Barber and Beautician: No, it's not.

  • Me: I can't believe that Michael is more into running. Who knew? The secret lives of rock climbers.

    Patti: Climber...Runner
    Climber...Couch Potato

  • Are you drinking plenty of fluids?...They have Emergen-C on sale at Walgreens...If you need anything, let me know..., Chorus heard through the monster February cold of 2011.

    1. I like it when you do these posts:-)

    2. You know, I have a recipe for hummus :)

      I also enjoy these posts.

    3. Wow. That first comment is mean. Or am I reading it the wrong way? Maybe it was all in the tone, but I would have taken offense to that.

    4. @Laura I. and gingersnapper,

      Thanks for the feedback and, gingersnapper, I'm coming to your house for hummus. Hmmm, maybe I'll even call it the House of Hummus. ;)


      I don't think she meant it that way. We've been working together for a while and the overall sense of decorum tends to fall by the wayside after a few years. Plus, she's European and I think the tact lines are a bit different.

      Also, I’m more amused than offended by what people say these days.