Friday, February 4, 2011

Food Wit Friday

It's Friday -- time to up the frivolity. Here are food quotes that, for some reason or another, amused me.

  • You're not my Chinese food but helllllo.

    Arthur Spooner on The King of Queens

  • Doug: If you could think of one thing missing from our marriage what would that be?

    Carrie: A commitment to dieting?, The King of Queens

  • Don't ask if they want ice cream. Everyone wants ice cream. Even lactose intolerant kids want ice cream.

    Jake to his Uncle Charlie on Two and a Half Men

  • It's not mixing. The coffee doesn't even recognize it.

    Frank on Everybody Loves Raymond about skim milk

  • Libby: I take it the diet's off.

    Dennis:...But don't come down here while I'm eating my full English breakfast with breakfast...and expect me to make things easier for you. Can I please get some ketchup?

    From Run Fat Boy Run

  • Dr. Lightman: What is that?

    Dr. Foster: Chocolate pudding.

    Dr. Lightman: Who eats pudding at 10 o'clock in the morning?

    Dr. Foster: People who like pudding.

    From Lie to Me Epi 1, Season 1

  • Dr. Foster: Chicken Dumpling?

    Dr. Lightman: Oh no, I never eat meat I can't see. No, really, you have no idea what's in there...

    From Lie to Me Epi 2, Season 1

  • I found Food Fight, a King of Queens' episode, hilarious. Doug has an unforgettable food affair.

    I also like the episode, Furious George, when Doug is supposed to go to an Overeaters Anonymous meeting but ends up going to a meeting for abused men and gains weight because he eats donuts and cake at the meetings.

    I almost forgot a Seinfeld episode about yogurt that's supposed to be low-fat. Loved it.

    Have you been watching something and heard a quote about food that made you laugh?


    1. No lie: I married a real life Doug Heffernan. When I watch those episodes, every single one of them, I get irritated because I think: "omg...this is my life. This happened on such-and-such day."

      And, yes, my hubs is a chubs. But I love him.

    2. Chubby McGee,

      If you're married to a real life Doug, there must not be one dull moment around your house. :)

      The King of Queens was so funny...

    3. sometimes i compare and contrast my marriage to the one on King of Queens. many similarities!! all the good funny ones of course :) -especially when we lived with my dad!!

    4. Heather,

      It's all about the funny similarities. ;)

      I love it that Jerry Stiller totally represented in the dad role on Seinfeld then The King of Queens.