Saturday, February 12, 2011

When The Stove Eye Is On Four Or Five

I was hanging at Hazira's on Friday night. We ate dinner, chit chatted then watched a quirky little flick, Cyrus, followed by a little of Michael Palin's New Europe.

Right on cue, 'round 11:30, my left hand (holder of the most bumps) started itching. I try Shea butter then rubbing and more rubbing. Hazira, who happens to be a Healing Touch practitioner, decided to do unruffling.

Almost as soon as her hand hovered over my left hand, I felt the heat -- like the kind of heat you feel when the stove eye is on four or five.

By the time Hazira finished with the unruffling, I felt coolness, drowsiness (okay, it was close to midnight) and itch-free.

On the way home, I listened to Goran Bregović's Silence of the Balkans and wondered where I had put my Ederlezi CD.

Thanks to Hazira for drawing out the heat...


Happy Birthday to my mama (who kept me away from hot stoves and everything...)


  1. wow. i've never heard of unruffling. is that kind of like what mr.miyagi did to daniel at his karate tournament?

  2. Could Hazira please unruffle my brain?

    Happy birthday to your mother.

  3. Heather,

    Not sure. I'ma have to check out that scene again. I watch and read stuff then it, mostly, gets emptied out the fickle brain.


    LOL. I'll ask Hazira...

  4. I have SUPER oily skin and I suffer from moderate acne that flares up in conjunction with my menstrual cycle. I've tried every topical acne medication on the market and they either don't work, work for a while then stop working, or leave my skin terribly dry. I started using shea butter on a whim. I figured since everything else on the market attempts to dry up the acne maybe I should try something that does the opposite. I'm so glad I did. Not only does shea butter keep pimples at bay, it has started to clear up the scars and is great for removing make-up. I just wish I had figured this out years ago and saved my money.

    Happy Birthday to your mom!

  5. I have such dry skin - especially on my legs.I wish there was something that would work for me!

  6. @Shea Butter,

    As my friend Hazira said when she read my jar, Shea butter is like Windex -- good for everything. ;)


    Trust me; Shea butter will do the trick and, if that doesn't work, I'm gonna suggest a combo of Vaseline and Shea butter; now, that's gotta work. :)