Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Power Defined

Workout DVDs are just like a book or movie; you don't know what you'll get until you delve into it; one person's gem will make another shake their head in disbelief. I unwrapped Power Yoga and popped it into my Coby player to find out that Ashley Turner is a body-mind psychotherapist who believes that the most effective solution to any challenge addresses body, mind and spirit.

And here's what you will encounter -- in Turner's words:

Begin with a strong grounding round-up series progressively intensifying into powerful stand up poses to create muscular strength and endurance. Next, move into the core or power center for an invigorating abdominal sequence. We finish with detoxifying back bends followed by deep relaxation.

Power Yoga is a challenging workout. The power part should have tipped me off.

I feel like I'm constantly being reminded that controlled movement is the key to a lot of activities. Some of the best advice that I've been given about rock climbing came when I was trying to get over the arĂȘte on this one route and Patti told me that the movement is controlled and deliberate. You'll hear similar advice from Turner and you'll be amazed by her body control and strength.

I also liked Turner's tone and calmness. She talks about the importance of maintaining a deep breath and, if necessary, backing out of a pose which I had to do several times because of fatigued and I took Turner's advice to go into child's pose when I needed a break.

There were several sequences that I really enjoyed including opening up the throat and shoulder rotations -- probably because I feel like my shoulders need extra care.

Navel pumping was interesting and it made me think of chest-thumping which I think we should all do when we finish a good workout.

I'm not going to lie. I was more than ready to cross my feet and hug myself (a sequence) about 30 minutes into the DVD which is an hour long. Emptying the head, shoulders and neck was nice too.

I liked Turner's talk at the end -- especially the definition:

One definition of power: Nothing to prove, nothing to hide

We build our belief in ourselves by showing up time and time again – especially when we don’t feel like it.

Our actions create habits and our habits create our lives...

Creating wealth, health and happiness is an inside job.

Do you practice yoga? Have a favorite yoga DVD?


  1. I've never done yoga, but I think I would enjoy it if it's not too hard. Glad you are doing well.

  2. I like Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss, despite its annoying name. Every once in a while I'll try a different yoga dvd from the public library, but this is the one I actually chose to buy.

  3. i've done yoga....there are many different styles and i guess i just haven't found a style i like yet.
    your comment about learning to drive stick shift was so funny!! i can just picture that scenario, too!
    "stop screaming at me!!" LOL!

  4. @Diane,

    I like gentle and power yoga but sometimes I wonder about the things I like.


    That says a lot that you bought the DVD. I'm gonna try it.


    I'm still not entirely comfortable with yoga yet. It's the breathing thing with me...

    I'm glad that you've been featuring the 100 list because I hadn't thought about learning how to drive a stick in a while. Even though it was a challenge, the memories from the experience are nice. Thanks.

  5. For me Yoga is painful. I'm just not flexible due to fibromyalgia. And I know that people probably think that means I should do more yoga, but it hurts! I would love to find one that suits me. I remember when you said maybe bikram (I hope I'm remembering our Twitter exchange), and I still want to try it.

  6. @sarabeck,

    Yes, we had the conversation on Twitter. ;) You remember correctly and I hope that you'll get to try it one day.