Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Acupuncture Stagger

I have this on-again off-again patch of bumps that like to live on the back of my hands.

I decided to use Aveeno at work and at home even though I have a huge vat of hand soap. I also started using Dawn (with Oil of Olay) dishwashing detergent.

For some reason, I wasn't keen on going to the dermatologist but the itching was getting to me. Then, I thought about acupuncture.

Dermatologist. Acupuncturist. Dermatologist. Acupuncturist.

I saw that the acupuncturist had an opening on the day of my dilemma, booked an appointment online then headed there after work.

Acupuncturist: What's going on?

I told him and, in return, I got one of those looks. One of those I-might-not-be- able-to-help-you-looks.

Mr. Acu: Have you been to a dermatologist? Skin situations (paraphrased) are tricky.

Ever heard of Cold Tar shampoo? You might want to use that; it's good for eczema...I will still see what I can do...

Ten needles in left foot. Ten needles in the partner foot. Several needles in each ear. Two needles in each arm.

As Mr. Acupuncturist is inserting needles, he said that sometimes allergies are a result of diet and asked if I would consider a cleanse situation.

Me: You mean a water, cayenne pepper, maple syrup situation?

Mr. Acu: No, I mean a brown rice yadda yadda yadda situation.

I tell him about the stuff I eat then he suggests that it might be too much sugar. The thought that I eat too much sugar gets me to thinking. I don't do the hardcore stuff anymore (Cream Puffs, Gooey Butter Cake, Snickers) but I still have a sweet tooth that I satisfy with graham crackers, TLC bars etc.

Mr. Acu: Do the bumps itch?

Me: Usually at night.

Mr. Acu: Of course, that's when you're tired.

After all the needles are in, I sit back and it's not too long before my eyes are closed. I'm so drowsy when the treatment is over with that I have trouble walking in a straight line.

When I take my coat off the rack, I see the acupuncturists' credentials with a note about how much training licensed acupuncturists receive -- 1600 hours if I remember correctly. And a chiropractor? One hundred credits and they're board certified. I chuckled as I staggered out the door.

Post-treatment, I slept soundly and itch-free.


  1. That is an amazing difference between acupuncturist and chiropractor. Worrisome.

    Good luck with your bumps!

  2. gingersnapper,

    Thanks. My bumps are in a holding pattern but I had another itch-free night.

    Re: the difference, yeah, it's shady.