Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lessons I Learned from Rock Climbers

Lesson One

Didn't feel particularly like climbing yesterday but one of my buddies wanted to go. I wasn't overly sore from Monday's kettlebell beat down but still didn't know if I would have the wherewithal to pull myself up the wall.

As I'm getting ready to tie in and climb a route, I notice this woman a couple of routes over and her foot is slipping off the arête but it's because she had a boot on her foot!

It was inspiring to see her climb. I even asked if I could take a picture and it didn't matter that I was without my camera. I borrowed my climbing partner's phone in my shameless pursuit of documentation...

One of These Shoes Is Not Like The Other

Lesson Two

I tried out a new route and had to hoist all of my fabulousness over an arête. The guys who had just finished with the route watched my progress.

David, my climbing partner, told me that I wasn't using my legs and, yes, I will try to muscle my way up a route instead of using my legs.

I got stuck right at the arête and asked David to lower me. Russ, one of the watchers told me: You were right there; your hand was inches away. It was like you didn't even want to to reach it. I've done that too -- told myself I can't do it.

So, I got myself back up on the route and over the arête; it was not pretty at all but I got myself further up the wall than I had anticipated.

Lesson Three

I talked to another one of my climbing partners who said that it would be at least another month before he is able to climb because of a lingering back issue.

I asked him if he had tried any complementary therapies. Chris told me that walking has helped and is actually considered a form of Chigung. So, yes, he said; I suppose I am doing complementary therapy.


  1. Translate arete and chigung please Ms. Vocabulary...

  2. Wow! Love that she didn't let the boot stop her!

  3. Kini,

    Merriam-Webster describes arête best: a sharp-crested ridge in rugged mountains. In our case -- fake rugged mountains. I'll be happy to show you an arête the next time we go climbing. ;)

    Chigung -- most people spell it Qigong but leave it to one of my climbing partners to use a different spelling.

    Qigong, according to the National Qigong Association is: an integration of physical postures, breathing techniques, and focused intentions.

    You gotta love focused intentions...

    @MS. Bad MJ,

    Me too. Seeing her in that boot was very motivating. Seriously, how could I not get up the wall with TWO climbing shoes? :)