Monday, October 3, 2011

I Ate Your Chips or Stuff People Say to Me, VIII

  • I ate your chips. I knew you wouldn't mind.

    Leanne (next door work neighbor) brought back a veggie burger for me from Local Harvest; they usually serve burgers with Billy Goat chips which I usually don't eat.

  • You look good. Your skin is so clear and you look like you've been dipped in chocolate.

    Lori, my friend

  • Lori With One of Many Animals She Has Befriended

  • She has been dipped in chocolate.

    Michael, a yoga teacher sitting nearby in a coffee shop*

  • So, tell me, what's up with you? Yaddayaddayadda...You look cute. Yaddayaddayadda

    Lisa, fellow climber

  • One route at a time.

    Patti to me after I voiced my frustration with getting off to a rocky climbing start.

  • Patti Standing On Top of the Bouldering World

  • Nubian Princess...

    Jackie, a climber, to me. She had a hard time remembering my name and said that she would just call me Nubian Princess. I had no objections.

  • I'll tell ya, one mistake that I see people make a lot is being too far away from the wall.

    Brent's friend's comment on lead belaying after Brent asked me about the lead climbing class.

  • Leah: Are you still doing yoga?

    Me: Yeah, I'll probably try Bikram next.

    Leah: That's not good for your body. Pause... You can go outside (it was around 100 degrees this day) and do yoga.

  • Leah Lead Climbing Some 5.11b Situation

  • You're totally ready for lead climbing. Later...Your technique is good.


  • Jessica Showing Her Usual Tenacity On A Route

  • If I had a choice between jumping out of a plane and rock climbing then, maybe, I would choose rocking climbing.


  • *Sitting at a middle table with Michael on the left and an older couple on the right, I was fully embarrassed at this point. I guess exercise and cleaner eating are agreeing with me???


    1. Mmmmm, chocolate....

      Oh wait, sorry, that wasn't about actual chocolate, was it?

      I guess your clean living and hard work is paying off, N.P. !

    2. Thank you for sharing these great pictures!

    3. @gingersnapper,

      I think that I like it when people call me NP. :)


      There's a lot more where those pictures came from. ;)