Friday, October 28, 2011

Return of the Arm Slayer

Shauna leisurely chatted up a boxer as she spotted the Rally Squirrel on her t-shirt as I wondered when she would tell us to stop doing jumping jacks and, it's not until I'm in push-up position, that I remember how Shauna likes to kill your arms before you even put on gloves.

Towards the end of cardio, a reminder from Shauna:

Don't just touch those bags, hit 'em.

I was happy to hear gloves off until I realized that the ab portion of the program was about to begin...

I survived the ab work and I'm hoping that the STL Cardinals will survive game seven.

I didn't have the heart to finish watching the World Series last night so when I woke up, I was really surprised to see a cardinal on a bat sitting in the box for Friday's forecast. Go Cards.

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