Monday, October 17, 2011

Jesus 911

When I told my mother about CrossFit, she said You signed up for it and you paid for it too, didn't you?

I did it again. Saw a group coupon for a boxing gym and because I've always wanted to don gloves, I signed up.

Checked out the class schedule and decided to try kickboxing. Got to the gym, filled out the paperwork and the guy said that I needed hand wraps. Thought that should have been in the coupon information but whatever. What color did I want? Geez, don't give me a choice. I finally went with red over blue, lime green, hunter green etc. For some reason, red seems like a power color.

He wants to know if I've done a boxing class before. If you count 10 Minute Solution's cardio kickboxing segment, yes. So, um, no.

He wrapped my hands for me. Three times around the wrist, three times around the knuckles, one time around the thumb then he took up the rest of the slack.

He told me that there will be a warm-up, 30 minutes of boxing then ab work. He also advised me to take water breaks when I needed them. I take a lot of these classes and I see people try to make it straight through but take a break when you need it.

I see a woman practically pouncing around the room. It turns out that the woman is Tai and she was raring to go.

During the warm-up, Tai said It's only going to get worse.

More motivation from Tai (make sure you picture Tai with bulging eyes and a commanding voice):

  • Don't give up on me.

  • Oh, I'm not scared of you.

    (A comment that you got if you were punching light)

  • I don't hear your bag.

  • Kick 'im in the side. Kick 'im in the head.

    (Apparently, "him" is not a short person either)

  • Somebody better call Jesus.

    (During the crazy ab portion of the program)

  • Get off my floor.

    (During crazier ab work)

  • And my personal favorite as we squatted, punched as fast as possible and came to the end of the cardio part:

  • Hold your ass in and give me everything you've got.

  • There's a picture of Muhammad Ali on the wall with his trademark quip: Float like a butterfly; sting like a bee.

    I have a whole new respect for boxers. I never knew there were so many ways to get one's behind kicked in an hour. That was, hands down, one of the most intense workouts that I've ever done and I feel like I could drop a significant amount of weight this way too.

    How I Felt After Kickboxing Class

    I don't know about you but after enduring an ultra-tough class, I feel stronger and able to take on whatever is coming my way.

    Anyone else been to a boxing gym? I'm hooked. Get it? :)


    1. OMG. That sounds like such an ass-kicking workout! I am in awe. I'd be in a little curled up puddle of tears about 10 minutes in.

      Good for you for sticking it out.

    2. Look at you in your handwraps!! OMG that is so TOUGH.

    3. @Crabby McSlacker,

      Thanks. I've only walked out of one (step) class before and I don't want to walk out on a class again.

      I'm so glad that I took the staffer's advice for water breaks because that class totally kicked my ass and the breaks gave me time to compose myself.


      LOL. I felt like I was ready for business once the hand wraps were on. ;)