Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Chalked You or Stuff People Say To Me

  • Lifeguard: Your body is like mine. I have swimmer's legs.

    I've got news for the lifeguard. I've been swimming for only three and a half years; the legs have always been thick...

  • I'm probably going to dream about planks.

    After student yoga teacher killed us with planks and downward facing dog.

  • I think that I chalked you.

    Lisa after giving me a hug when I entered the climbing gym.

  • Don't forget that there are stairs.

    Massage therapist to me after an 80 minute massage

  • Me: I thought you had given up this gym.

    Jeremy: No, I do like the other gym better but I'll climb wherever I have someone to climb with...

  • I finally got the feel of the living room.

    A coworker who decided to have a staycation and said that he normally is so tired by the time that he gets home, he usually goes straight to the bedroom.

  • I'm a fanatic about everything that I do.

    My S-I-L after we discussed her extension of the pantry

  • What? It's healthy...

    My brother after I started preparing oatmeal as he took his breakfast casserole, which consisted of two dozen eggs, sausage, cheese, potatoes etc., out of the oven.

  • There's something going on with your body. I thought I felt it last time. Now, I'm for sure. There's movement in your body. There's always been a denseness there but this is new. I don't like to ask people if they've lost weight but...muscle weighs more than...

    Massage therapist

  • MT: Your neck was tight.

    Me: It didn't feel tight.

    MT: (Chuckling) That's because you're used to it being that way.

    Same MT
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