Wednesday, February 1, 2012

We're Not Camping

In the coatroom, several people mentioned that they might go horizontal at some point during Hot Yoga but we all stayed in the upright position until we moved into a position that called for being horizontal.

Cindy reminded us that we had set the time aside to take care of ourselves and that we all lead chaotic lives. With that in mind, she wanted us to clear our minds.

If you have control of your breath, you have control of your lives which she also wanted us to remember when we got outside of the classroom.

You can do anything for 60 seconds according to Cindy when we got to everyone's favorite portion of the program, the plank.

No tenting of the bootie; we're not camping. Haha, Cindy....We were also not hammocks either, apparently.

Your body will give up before your mind.

My body sure did because I was in total disbelief when she said that we were halfway through holding the plank. How does 30 seconds feel so long?

For the first time in my Hot Yoga experience, people did not jump out of savasana which made for a much nicer experience and allowed me, as another teacher likes to say, to feel the benefits of the practice...

So, Hazira comes to see me and she holds out this calendar.

It takes my mind a minute to make the connection between the life size version she's holding and the one that I've been looking at on Amazon. I was so happy. And guess where she found it at? The thrift store, one of her favorite stores.

Hazira also gave me this purse

that she found a thrift store. She scored it for like $12 dollars. The woman's got skills. Thanks Hazira...

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