Monday, February 27, 2012

The Push Back Kick

Went to a new kickboxing class courtesy of a Groupon deal. Not sure that the nerves are worth the deal but, really, I've yet to run into an unfriendly bunch at a fitness center -- think it has something to do with endorphins.

The instructor, Lee, said that it's better to be in your bare feet although some people don't like to take off their shoes. I quickly took off my Nike and socks because I do like to exercise sans shoes.

To warm up, we did shadow boxing and I felt a little self-conscious. Next, we paired up with a partner. One person holds training mitts while the other executes a combination that Lee calls out. Oh wow, my wrists took a bit of a beating at first. It feels more real having someone swing at you even if they're swinging at your mitts.

Lee told me to hit harder and then he had me look at a woman in class who was making thunderous sounds as she connected with the training mitts. I felt like I was going to hurt my partner and couldn't really let go. Same thing with the push back kick. I felt so unbelievably rude kicking at someone and pushing them back and, yet, it also felt good.

At the end of class, Lee had us get down on the floor. Our mission? To hold a plank to failure. I felt pretty good about my plank tonight. I have Hot Yoga to thank for plank preparedness. Our other mission, should our plank fail, was to do crunches until Lee told us to stop. My poor abs are still tender.


  1. "I felt so unbelievably rude kicking at someone" LOL, that's how I am. I think I could only do any kind of martial art against the instructor.

  2. I like being barefoot...I too love exercise classes where we can be shoe free!

  3. @Gingerzingi,

    Exactly. I would not have had any misgivings if the instructor was on the other side of those pads and mitts.

    @Ms. Bad MJ,

    Shoe-free is the way to be -- except maybe in kettlebell class. :)


    I hope that you do try it and, if you do, looking forward to your report...