Monday, April 11, 2011

(Even More) Stuff People Say To Me -- Special Vacation Edition

HC: How long do you want to stay?

Me: I'd like to see the sun set.

HC: Let's go... You saw it yesterday (in Dunedin).

Me: (Gathering my beach belongings).

HC: I wonder if that thrift store by the produce stand is still open.

Me: I hope not since you went to a thrift store yesterday.


Ft. Desoto Park was nice even though I didn't get to see the Ft. sunset.

What's up with this sign?

I did sit up just at the right moment to see a dolphin leaping and I also got to see the dolphin along with his two friends playing for a while. Dolphin footage to come later...


  1. I LOVE Ft. Desoto. Love, love, love. Always seemed to be quieter than the beaches around Sarasota and I loved watching the big ships plow through the lanes.

    Was that sign near the Fort? Maybe that's what it was about? 'Cause I sure can't think of anything capable of being climbed (other than piers) anywhere near there!

    The birds are one of my favorite things about that park (and one of the things I REALLY miss about home). A neighboring key is a bird sanctuary (Egmont Key, I think)--only accessible by boat, I think.
    Next time you go back, definitely hit up the art museums. St. Pete has two great ones, including one that's just for Salvador Dali (it's got a great reputation).

  2. Laura,

    I can see why you love Ft. DeSoto. It's so beautiful -- fell in love when I saw the bicyclists on the trail. I fell out of love with the picnic area with all of the palm trees when the mosquitoes got a hold of me but, yeah, we were at Ft. DeSoto for quite a while and my friend and I enjoyed every minute.

    If I stayed in the Clearwater/Tampa/St. Pete area, I think that I would bicycle or walk forever and ever.

    I really enjoyed the birds too and the dolphins (in Ft. DeSoto) made my day.

    I heard about the new Dali museum and I'll have to check it out next time and I will also get around to renting a bike. If I have one "regret," it was not hopping on a bike while I was there...

  3. I DO NOT like that sign. Andrea, in the future, I forbid you to go anywhere that posts a sign that reads "No Rock Climbing." I can't think that such an environment would be good for your well-being.

    Love, Jessica

  4. Jessica,

    I didn't like it either. ;) Who goes around putting up such signs?

    Looking forward to Saturday. Love back at yo♥...