Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ending World Grease

A bit of advice: never fall asleep close to landing because when the rubber hits the road, it's alarming.

I'm traveling light. My suitcase only weighed 28 pounds and my carry on probably weighed more since it had oranges, crackers, sandwiches, almonds etc. in it.

The rental car dude tried to convince me to upgrade from my poor little compact car. This car, of course, comfortable fits four people. He even said that it was not fully automatic but the only thing not automatic are the doors i.e. no keyless entry but who needs it?

I should have brought more long-sleeved shirts though since it has been a tad bit cool in the Tampa/St. Pete area. Today's weather is a bit warmer and things are looking up for the next few days. I took an hour long walk on the beach and was relieved because I was starting to feel way too sedentary; it's hard to sit still these days.

I even missed rock climbing so I took over the children's playground for a minute.

My first meal in Tampa was at Evos. I joined their mission to end world grease. Loved the air-baked fries and the flavored ketchup (garlic, mesquite et al.) was amusing.

Been to the Tampa/St. Pete area? If you have any suggestions, I'm all ears...


  1. I just lost a HUGE HUGE comment that just got gobbled up by the Internetz. I'm from the Tampa Bay area (Sarasota)--whatcha looking for? Beaches, parks, Busch Gardens, ART MUSEUMS? Shopping? Let me know!

    St. Pete and Sarasota have some GREAT art museums. I personally love Ft. Desoto Park, which is right in the shipping lanes bewteen the Bay and the Gulf and has great bike paths and generally quiet beaches, and I'm fond of Busch Gardens b/c of the wonderful animals. There's also Lowry Park Zoo, which is a local thing--kids like it.

  2. Hey Laura,

    Wish that I had talked to you beforehand. This guy at Evos told me about Ft. Desoto Park. I went to the Botanical Gardens in Largo today and also went to Honeymoon Island.

    Haven't been to Busch Gardens or The Zoo and that might have to wait until next time.

    I've been mostly hanging out by the water and captivated by the dolphins and pelicans.

    I wish there were more time...Thanks so much for the suggestions. :)