Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Laps Contest

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood and it was even more beautiful in the gym because it was not crowded.

Jessica, Patti and I started climbing the walls around 11ish.

Patti: Which one?

Me (I look at The End of 2010 and Jack and the Bean Stalk): The End of 2010 -- the lesser of two evils.

Patti: That one is harder than Jack. The End is all about strength and Jack is all about balance.

Me: That's my problem -- balance.

Patti: That's what we always say -- that Andrea is so unbalanced.
And, so, I chose strength over balance.

As we were winding down, the three of us decided to do laps and it turned into a contest. I couldn't walk straight afterwards but it definitely felt good to do a gut check. I just didn't do a deep enough check.

Contest Results:

  • 'Drea: Ascended and Down Climbed Spring Cleaning, 5.6 -- 5x's

  • Jessica: Ascended and Down Climbed Spring Cleaning, 9 x's

  • Patti: Ascended, 11 x's; Down Climbed Spring Cleaning, 10 x's

  • I watched in disbelief as Patti hopped on the wall for the 11th time (in addition to the other seven routes she had climbed), Jessica (who talked all kind of smack about my rate of ascension etc.) advised me not to go first next time.

    Basically, Patti ran a clinic on hitting a wall then busting through it.

    Route Tally:

  • Spring Cleaning, 5.6 (Ascended & Down Climbed), 5 x's

  • Let Me Smang It Girl, 5.8

  • The Letter Eye, 5.8

  • I Think We've Met Before, 5.9

  • Jack and the Bean Stalk, 5.9

  • Pandora's Box, 5.9 (Attempted)

  • Pandora's Box, 5.9

  • The Maze, 5.9 (Attempted)

  • Jessica tackles The Maze, a route that tackled me. During the contest, Jessica talked so much smack that I asked her to hit the mute button but, in true smack-talker fashion, she refused.

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