Friday, April 15, 2011

Pushing Back

After the flight attendants settled a seat jockeying dispute and made sure everyone was buckled in, one of them came on the intercom to say that the cabin was ready and that we were about to push back.

My aunt Alice once told me that all I need to do to lose weight is to pull away from the table.

I tend to let my guard down a bit when it comes to food while I'm on vacation. We had a kitchenette so I could have certainly cooked but I haven't been cooking at home much either.

Now, it's time to push back from the overindulgence including putting half and half in my coffee simply because it was put before me when I ordered coffee. I must say that no real damage has registered on the scale; I'm one pound up and I'm hoping that my body appreciated the change in food -- like a one week absence of noshing on almond butter.

Here's a food log of sorts from Florida where I sometimes felt like I ate like a queen and pushed my intake limits.

Instant Oatmeal with Mango, Soy Milk & A Lil Water)

Evos -- home of air-baked fries and flavored ketchup

Subway English Muffin Melt w/ Egg Whites + Bell Pepper + Tomato + Red Onion


All Natural Yogurt

Hazira had gelato...

Panera Bread Sesame Asian Chicken Salad -- pretty sure dressing had HFCS

Veggie Burger with Butter on Bun at Marguerite's -- had ketchup; pretty sure ketchup had HFCS

Ikea Before -- Wanted roasted potatoes but the Potato Nazi wouldn't let me substitute

Ikea After

Atlanta Bread Company

Break pizza kibosh -- organic pizza with veggies makes me swallow pizza much easier -- at Pan y Vino

I continue decadence by going to Sweet Art when I return home but I'm gonna have to say that I did not regret one bite of this Magnolia sandwich with avocado, sprouts, white cheddar, tomatoes, cucumbers, caramelized onion jam on toasted Companion bread. Amazing...

Do you take a vacation from your regimen while on vacation or have a regular "cheat" day?


  1. Eating right on a vacation is hard! It's hard to find good, nutritious food at a good price and in a convenient location. I don't know if the "pushing away from the table" theory would work for me. I think my inner hungry person would fight with me about that.

  2. @sarabeck,

    It is hard. I think being ultra-relaxed plays a part too because I know that I certainly relaxed the food rules even when I felt like the quantity of food was too much. I kinda ate everything a few times that could have been two servings and I knew better.

    Oh well, here's to tapping into more willpower the next time.