Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gazing at the Third Eye or The Gospel According to Donna, My Other Yoga Teacher

  • Savasana is a gift that you should give yourself every day.

  • If you're not breathing, you're not doing the practice.

  • Wherever you go, you must breathe.

  • (While we tried to get our fingers to our toes)

  • Heart center open...

  • Let your head hang low -- like a piece of ripe fruit.

  • I don't like to hear the word "ouch."

    While we were doing pigeon and curious pigeon.

  • Strong and majestic -- like a mountain...

  • Even though your eyes are closed, you're gazing at your third eye which is right above the bridge of your nose.

  • Your tush should not torque.

    During chair pose

  • Wherever you go, it should feel good. This pose is a restorative position.

    Donna on child's pose. She told us that we could put our big toes together or whatever felt good to us...

  • Yoga Girl didn't amuse me as much as Whole Foods Parking Lot but it did amuse...

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