Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hot Yoga Eve

Well, actually, it's not the eve of hot yoga since I went today but that's what Patti called it as we reached the end of our countdown.

I'm not quite sure when I agreed to try hot yoga because I don't really like a lot of heat but figured that I could survive a hot yoga class if I was able to survive Las Vegas in July.

The Yoga Nazi teacher introduced himself then handed down the rules and the one that sticks out the most is that once class started, you were not allowed to alter the aura by leaving the room.

I seldom take a shine to anything of a mandatory nature so I just filed that away. Other rules included:

  • No talking in class

  • No cell phones (applause) etc. etc.

  • No intake of water in the middle of a pose

  • If you get tired, assume the position on your knees and gaze...

  • Eyes open (with exception of Savasana) at all times

  • I decided to wear my green t-shirt made out of bamboo and my sole pair of official yoga pants and they worked beautifully.

    I managed to find myself at the front of the room and I survived that too.

    Even in regular yoga class, I can't manage Eagle and it was definitely unmanageable since I was completely slick with sweat. In the end, my shoulders are way too tight for this move. And Standing Head to Knee pose? Yeah, that didn't work for me either.

    As we did yogic sit-ups and planks, I tried to gauge what time it was and was so relieved when the 1.5 hours was up.

    We went into Savasana and the teacher said that we should hold the pose for three to five minutes. I've never had a yoga teacher walk out during Savasana but today was the day. What happened to holding the space? That's something that Madonna did beautifully in Candlelight Restorative Yoga. Or, since Hot Yoga is kind of hardcore, should I not expect the teacher to hold the space?


    1. Was it a bikram class or a regular hot yoga class? Bikram classes get a little intense with the rules...

    2. The poses in the Hot Yoga class that I've been attending are pretty much the same as the Bikram poses.

      From what I've read on the internet, the Hot Yoga studios have not been certified by Bikram and if a Bikram class is stricter than the one I'm attending, I wouldn't dream of going to one.